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What are you playing today?



  • TheAnimeManTheAnimeMan Member Full Members
    No they were, both ran between 50 - 60 dollars here in the US at least

    28 years of gaming and still going strong
    and now a mostly annoyed Father with first son. And now a father again to a second son :D

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  • ChickenGodChickenGod Overdosing Heavenly Bliss Moderators
    edited March 10
    Been playing a lot more Breath of the Wild. So far I've completed about 42 Shrines and I'm heading into the third major story event now.

    While my earlier negative impressions still exist, as well as a few I haven't mentioned such as swimming, they've all become heavily overshadowed by how amazingly vast and wondrous the title can be after you get past the starting zone. The world is just as breath taking and fun to explore and both Xenoblade games, and it always feels like you are discovering something new whether it be a secret area or a unique interaction that Link can perform with many of the abilities and techniques at his disposal. There are so many instances where the player uses simple logic to try and solve a dilemma that actually work as intended in your mind without weird gameplay quirks, hand holding, or other nonsense getting in the way. I can't remember the last time I felt like a game evoked this fluid problem solving approach. The ability to change, upgrade, and dye armor sets for fashion and minor gameplay changes is great too. The visual aesthetic here is really amazing too, and it only gets better as you visit more locales. So yeah, I've really changed my tune and converted into a Breath of the Wild lover, even though I typically don't like open world games. There's definitely a few flaws that get glossed over in reviews, but they seem kind of small after you've dived head first into everything. Between this, Berseria, Persona 5, and who knows what else, it may very well be the best year of gaming in a very long time.
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  • TheAnimeManTheAnimeMan Member Full Members
    So playing Lunar 2: Eternal Blue as this is one of the games in my Backlog that I really regret not finishing (got to last boss but always ran outta mana). I'm playing it through other means CUASE I CAN NOT FIND MY FIRST DISK *grrrr* last time I saw it was before we moved to our current place ... 5 years ago

    28 years of gaming and still going strong
    and now a mostly annoyed Father with first son. And now a father again to a second son :D

    Winner of the 2015-2016 Fantasy gaming Pool
  • 7thCircle7thCircle Proofer of the Realm RPGamer Staff
    edited March 13
    I've been continuing to play Overwatch a few hours each day. The ranking system is a huge disappointment coming from Blizzard, given how well competitive play worked in Starcraft 2 when I played it. All I want is a 6v6 match where all 12 of us are reasonably close to the same skill level. Maybe my issue is I don't mind playing support, meaning I usually get stuck playing support where I don't have much direct control over whether we win or lose. Today I kept getting DPS medals as Lucio and Zenyatta because the actual DPS characters on the team weren't doing anything. When I went DPS I got 2-3 golds every match. I'm usually the best player on my team because my ranking is too low, but if we lose, it drops more. It's frustrating. I have a few friends who are much higher rank, and when I play with them, we win more often than not, but my ranking rises too slowly to get me up in that tier. This isn't how it should work. Though I don't care what rank I am, I'd like to play with better people, and it's causing me to play less...

    ...which is good because I need to play more Breath of the Wild to move on to Nier then Persona. I've done 36 shrines and 2 of the beasts. It's an impressive game, and the first Zelda that feels like a 21st century experience rather than a minimally altered Ocarina or LttP remake. The UI is very flawed, but the gameplay is slow enough that it doesn't matter as much as it could. My biggest complaint about other 3D Zeldas was all the handholding, so I absolutely love that there's NONE in this one. Solving puzzles feels like an accomplishment again, and the sense of exploration is on par with an Elder Scrolls game.
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  • NyxNyx Staff Girly Girl RPGamer Staff
    I have been determined this month to finish some of the games I've started. I am happy to have knocked out Atelier Shallie Plus and Firis, but now I'm trying to figure out what to focus my attention on given my husband has stolen the PS4 from me in order to love on Horizon Zero Dawn. So I've been in the middle of Story of Seasons: A Trio of Towns (which I need to review for you guys), Harvest Moon: Skytree Village, which I'm at the 6th Skytree and want to review for you guys, and Corpse Party (PC), which I am on the third chapter of, but can only play a chapter at a time because the game gives me willies.

    I really need to try and focus.
  • GaijinMonogatariGaijinMonogatari RPGamer Staff RPGamer Staff
    Trying out Atelier Sophie via Steam right now. My laptop's running it fairly well, with the exception of big video sequences. I think I've figured out most of the keyboard controls by now as well.

    There's one big visual glitch, though. In scenes, people's eyes randomly disappear from their character models, only to reappear in mid-air or attached to other people's foreheads. There's also a particular NPC model (standard boy) whose hair is consistently six inches behind his skull, leaving an interesting gap in the middle.

    As far as the game itself goes, I am strongly reminded of the early PS2 era of the series. Still deciding on whether or not this is a good thing, considering how some of those went. At least it can't be as broken as Lilie was...
  • ChickenGodChickenGod Overdosing Heavenly Bliss Moderators
    edited March 17
    In Breath of the Wild I ended up finishing all 4 major story dungeons now and am sitting at 75 shrines completed. Part of me wants to do all the shrines and side quests in the game before fighting the final boss, but I'm having second thoughts now. Mostly because every time I turn the game on it feels like I get next to nothing accomplished and I'm starting to get a little burned out on it. So I decided to take a break with...

    Resident Evil 7 on the PS4. My progress in the game thus far is that I'm just about finish the Cerberus puzzle. Its been a strange experience thus far, not sure how I feel about it. Things started out pretty fun, I like the premise of the story and the opening sequence of events quite a bit. Sets the stage for a smaller and more intense scenario with brand new characters that aren't Zombie Exterminating Army Veterans which is what I feel the series needed. Also, this one segment of the game was hysterical;
    Trying to run over an immortal cajun cannibal man calling himself Daddy in a locked garage with a car was just too good.
    However, the more I play the less I enjoy the gameplay. Most of it has consisted of using stealth or running away from an impending death you can't really fight, and FPS gunplay in tight corridors thats just plain boring and bad. For some reason I do think the VCR segments of RE7 are really cool, and its strange but I'm honestly more invested with those characters than the one I'm playing as right now. The return to having more puzzles and a "house" environment is cool, but I just don't enjoy any enemy encounters and I don't see that improving over time.
    "Looks like Teach just got tenure!" - Teach
  • The DoomhammerThe Doomhammer Prod with the Prod Full Members
    I got Mass Effect: Andromeda against better judgement.

    Does anyone know why the true purpose of AAA development seems to be a desperate race to the bottom to craft the worst UI possible? It's very strange.
  • DarkRPGMasterDarkRPGMaster A Witness to Destruction Moderators
    Been playing a lot of Mass Effect: Andromeda since day one. The game gives a lot of ME1 vibes, combined with combat from ME3. Enjoying it a lot, as just like the previous ME games it's a lot of fun. I would say where I'm at, but unfortunately I don't know how far I'm in the game, I'm spending a lot of time doing sidequests like how I used to in ME1.
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  • maryadaviesmaryadavies She Shoots For The Stars Somewhere east of Atlanta, GAModerators
    Been playing FF XV a lot lately when I have time to play more than XIV.

    I'm to, where the walkthough is right, where it gets linear; been trying to up some gil and stuff since I'm going to need potions.
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  • ChickenGodChickenGod Overdosing Heavenly Bliss Moderators
    edited 7:51AM
    So after finishing RE7, I started playing Fate/Extella. Was going to be Nier, but this is what Gamefly decided, so thats that.

    Extella is actually an interesting game. I wasn't expecting this, but its actually a direct sequel of sorts to Fate/Extra as opposed something that just borrows from the Fate universe. Its funny how you start the game off remembering very little, because this is one of the few times where I remember jack all from the previous game's plot, letting me identify with the confusion/amnesia of the protagonist. Extella is some kind of Visual Novel/Dynasty Warriors hybrid, which is really interesting because I usually expect games in this style to have a throwaway plot for the sake of action, where its actually sort of the opposite here. That being said, while I have a soft spot for the overly romantic relationships and more light-hearted tone the game takes, the plot uses too many different terms and is kind of all over the place for me to say its particularly good. Its likeable in a slightly more serious Tokyo Mirage Sessions kind of way. I'm actually pretty far in this game, on the 3rd story arc out of 4 total. Overall I'm having a good time playing Extella, its easy to sit down and lose yourself for a good hour or so before switching to something else. Gonna put a hard deadline on myself to finish either this or Zelda in 10 days so I can be ready to devote myself to Persona 5. Its just ridiculous how great this first half of the year has been in gaming.
    "Looks like Teach just got tenure!" - Teach
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