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Sound Test - Absolute

Fermat's Last TheoremFermat's Last Theorem MemberFull Members
edited August 2010 in Latest Updates
Traipse along memory lane back to the first of the back-to-back-to-back final battle sequences of Final Fantasy VII in this week's update of Sound Test. One angry mother, coming right up!

Sound Test - Absolute
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  • SiliconNooBSiliconNooB Member Full Members
    edited August 2010
    Truly a great set of remixes, I've only just come across them, and have been enjoying them greatly. Most rousing!
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  • StormofSwordsStormofSwords Crazed Bullet Miser Full Members
    edited August 2010
    Sweet. I've been loving these remixes, that's for sure. I really, really need to replay FFVII. I've only actually played it once...
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