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SiliconNooBSiliconNooB MemberFull Members
edited January 2011 in Square Enix
The article in question isn't exactly flush with details, but apparently voice commands will play a role, at the very least it came with a pretty battle screen:

This morning some cryptic information was posted to the Square Enix Facebook page this morning regarding what appears to be an upcoming RPG for the iPhone. The only details provided with the screenshot are as follows:
According to the info that I've got,various characters can be generated from your "voice". Please wait for the official announce for the detail. I'll keep you updated.
This isn't the first time Square Enix has utilized sounds to generate characters in a game, as the entire gimmick behind Song Summoner was using your music to generate allies to assist you in battle. We should know more soon, as I doubt they'd release this information without more details in the pipe. We'll follow up as soon as we hear more.
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  • TGBarighmTGBarighm Member Full Members
    edited October 2010
    I wonder who is the villain in that screenshot? :P
  • ChillmarshChillmarsh Mid20s Mutant Ninjaturtle Full Members
    edited January 2011
    Well, this has the potential to make a hypocrite out of me and have me try cellphone gaming again, after all...
  • LordKaiserLordKaiser Gaming Freedom Full Members
    edited January 2011
    Is this the so called Type-0?
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  • shoptrollshoptroll Have towel will travel Full Members
    edited January 2011
    LordKaiser wrote: »
    Is this the so called Type-0?

    Doubtful. The game was shown well before the trademark was filed.
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  • Confessor RahlConfessor Rahl Member Full Members
    edited January 2011
    Does look like a FF game.
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  • ClixClix Listmaster Full Members
    edited January 2011
    So... your voice determines your character build?

    This could be hilarious. And highly insulting.
  • MeoTwister5MeoTwister5 Member Full Members
    edited January 2011
    I assume having a thick, manly voice will make you like a super bruiser, a womanly pitched voice some sort of magician and a dark, restrained voice a thief class.

    But what about me who has a wider vocal range than most people? MULTICLASSING!
  • Michael BakerMichael Baker RPGamer Staff RPGamer Staff
    edited January 2011
    Y'know, I think I might have seen something about this in Famitsu last month... dangit, need to dig up the back issues again to be sure.
  • DravDrav A Serious Man Full Members
    edited January 2011
    The demon thing looks a lot like Azulmagia from FFV:

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