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RPG Backtrack: Episode 36 - Witch Hunt

JuMeSynJuMeSyn Code: KirinAdministrators
edited February 2011 in Latest Updates
What ties the Witcher together with a surprisingly large number of games released in February 2009? Not much, except for the fact that they share the discussion time in this Backtrack installment.
Seriously, there's no connective tissue between these games.
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  • SavorienSavorien Member Full Members
    edited February 2011
    Good episode. :)
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  • DravDrav A Serious Man Full Members
    edited February 2011
    FTR you have the naming convention for Drakensang the wrong way around: the pen and paper game is called The Dark Eye (Das Schwarze Auge), not Drakensang.

    The (supposedly vastly superior) sequel was released on Steam recently, although for whatever reason they've region locked it for everyone who isn't in the US.

    EDIT: in regard to the graphics in The Witcher not being significantly better than Neverwinter Nights:

    Neverwinter Nights:


    The Witcher:

  • OcelotOcelot is not declawed Full Members
    edited February 2011
    That Witcher screen seems like a bit of a bullshot, but The Witcher graphics are definitely far superior to those in NWN. I remember being impressed with what CDProjekt had done with the Aurora engine.

    I am very sad that I missed this podcast. My phone and Internet went down for like a week. Stupid Bell Canada.
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  • DravDrav A Serious Man Full Members
    edited February 2011
    Ocelot wrote: »
    That Witcher screen seems like a bit of a bullshot
    It's possible. I've replaced it with one from my save file (don't have one during the day, unfortunately).
  • OmbresOmbres Games horder Full Members
    edited February 2011
    Man I hate you! Now I have a new game that I add to my list. No for real it is great that you do that I am sure I miss some great game on the computer. It great the new way you do rpg backtrack so you can cover more games that way :)
    Always enjoy all the experience in life, you might gain a level or two.
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