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Dragon Quest Collection to Come With Bonus Dragon Quest X Video

Strawberry EggsStrawberry Eggs Wannabe Mistborn LucarioAdministrators
edited July 2011 in Latest Updates
What could be better than having the three first Dragon Quest games on one disc, along with their remakes? How about including the first footage of Dragon Quest X on it? The other goodies this game will come with are nothing to sneeze at, either.

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  • storino03storino03 Member Full Members
    edited June 2011
  • SpartakusSpartakus One Knight Stand Full Members
    edited June 2011
    Great package. I don't really like Dragon Grind that much, but I'll definitely buy this if it comes over.
  • VncentValntineVncentValntine Pretty much... Full Members
    edited July 2011
    I hope it comes over in this exact form. But it may be novel to get the jpn version as well (i wonder if the "classic" manuals will be the japanese versions or english versions, or english translated versions if this did make it to the states.
  • reionprementereionpremente Member Full Members
    edited July 2011
    storino03 wrote: »
    hope it comes out in the US!

    Considering they just smacked down those other three games, I think this will be a shot in the dark. IF it comes, I have a feeling that all of the extras will be taken out and we'll have a barebones release... if that. Also, it would've helped if IV didn't make all of the characters speak with broken Scottish accents. Oh God, that was horrid. I HOPE to GOD they don't bring that trend back for these... provided we'll even see them. The way that Dragon Quest X's news is spreading though... it may not even reach us before X is out. ~_~

    Sorry, it's just Nintendo really burned me up with their reaction to the other games getting released over here, so I'm a little more than aggravated. IF Square Enix takes this job and does it RIGHT, then we MIGHT actually get to see it, but if the big N is releasing it, then chances are about a cold day in hell that we'll ever see it. But PLEASE, NO MORE stupid Scottish-sounding characters. Next thing you know, we'll have Swedish Chef walking around with a meat cleaver in his right hand as the main hero... that would be absolutely frightening! ;) Coincidentally yes, I know the Swedish Chef was NOT Scottish. But the point should at least be conceded that if they would do one thing that the other is also quite possible.
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