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NyxNyx Staff Girly GirlRPGamer Staff
edited August 2011 in Staff Review Blogs
07/17/11 - 2.5 hours

Sylia is an RPGM title that released back in May. I'm a big follower of the works at Aldorlea Games, but I admit that my experience with them is fairly limited to the demos I've played, and some time spent with Dreamscape so I admit to being no expert. Still, I've played my share of RPGM titles, so I do know what I expect from them.

Sylia so far hasn't made much of an impression on me. The story goes that three cubes have fallen on Sylia thanks to Lady Godiva, who wishes to harness the planet's power. A band of four heroes attempts to take her down, only to be thwarted by her magical prowess. All the humans have turned to stone, so it's up to the heroes pets, Katie and Nestor to find and rescue their masters.

The plot itself seems pretty interesting so far, and I do enjoy the twist of having the heroes pets come and rescue them. I'm not keen at all on the battle system, as it's not very interesting and I've noticed a lot of the skills seem to do diddly. The majority of Hans skills do not work with the exception of his revival passive skill. He also likes to die. A lot. Not a fan of those types of characters. I also picked up James the sheep who reminds me a bit of Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. He doesn't seem to like being away from grass. :/

Right now I'm looking for the last pillar in the Maraposa Ruins. I realize this is a short look at the game, but perhaps doing a blog will force me to finish the game faster. Hopefully, I'll have more impressions as I continue on with the game.

08/05/11 - 4 hours

Poor Sylia, how neglected you've been! I apologize for anyone who has been watching this blog (all two of you). This is what I get for reviewing three games recently, and doing a few other projects for the site! However, all is not lost as I've hit the four hour mark in Sylia (yes, I know, a whole two hours, so sue me). Judging by the Ensorcelled Forums it seems like the area everyone had trouble with was the Bunker, which is what I just completed. In fact, I just made it to the second island where I've just met Roselyn the mare. Yes, I now have a pony on my team and this makes me happy.

I'm still finding the majority of the skills in this game really hot or miss. Frankly, Hans skills still refuse to work or do anything (though he never stayed alive long enough to use them, so once I got the cow, whom I've named Betsy), he was immediately benched because his one useful skill is only useful once per battle. All of his other skills so far... do nothing or just don't work for some reason. In a lot of ways, since my previous post, Sylia hasn't gotten much better, but it hasn't gotten worse either. The map designs designs are still really annoying for the most part and I can only hope that they improve. The story seems to be picking up a bit now that I'm in a completely new area, though the typos and grammar issues are still quite noticeable.

I hope to have this game done very soon and reviewed, mostly because I'm feeling guilty about how slow I've been playing it. I just hope I enjoy it!


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