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With Great Power



  • GORNGORN Member Full Members
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    Scar was taken aback at first, but he returned to his usual self quickly. "Oh, don't worry. This is my new job anyway, so I've got all the time in the world to train. I can take whatever you've got in store for me."
    Wait. Did I spell that right?
  • envydeienvydei Traveler Full Members
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    "For that, I first must defer to Thallis." Filibuster responded to Onoma yet again. "Thallis, I would ask this of you; Can you find for me the prison where Iron-Hide is being held? Upon receiving this information, my plan may come to its fullest fruition."
  • KhanKhan Heh heh Full Members
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    Thallis leaned back, locking his fingers. "Your interest in atonement is duly noted. It should not be difficult to determine our associate's location, and as long as you don't get lost along the way, freeing him should be a relatively simple task. However, he is not our most pressing concern. I do not expect him to move very far in the next couple days, and I would genuinely be surprised if interrogators could crack him that quickly. Allow your teammates to recover first, particularly Mnemonic if you are planning to use him. Contact me when you deem him fit to operate." In the projection, Thallis reached down to press a button, switching his voice from the speakers around the room to the communicators in the ears of the team members. "Preferably, once he has exercised his powers on your medical professional. I only intended for him to be a temporary precaution, so in the future, avoid getting shot." He switched back to the speakers. "Do any you require further elucidation?"

    Mach was not entirely sure what "elucidation" meant, but he did not feel like asking for a definition.

    Stealth Command nodded. "Good." He patted Scar on his shoulder, though if the boy could feel pain, the gesture might have been too rough to be affectionate. Tory spoke into his communicator. "Keep us updated on your living arrangements. We'll both need a room eventually, but not tonight." He smirked, deactivating his device and turning back to Scar. "Tonight, we're going to see how many push-ups you can do."

    "Sure thing." Redwood thought about it for a moment, then repeated himself, this time speaking into the communicator. "Oh, and Sketch. I'll do a little apartment hunting too. I've got the rest of the day open, I guess. Give me a buzz if you find anything. Over and out." By now, Devon's wooded appearance had faded away, so he went to go change back into his civilian clothes.
  • envydeienvydei Traveler Full Members
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    Mnemonic sighed heavily as Thallis spoke. At the time the medical professional had been tending to his wounds, after already having treated the others. A gesture which, to Mnemonic, made little sense. Still, once the professional was finished cleaning up, Mnemonic began to focus on him and wiped his memory of the entire healing of the group and beckoned for Filibuster to guide him out to the street to find a taxi, which she did.

    Once the medic was away, Mneominc turned toward the screen with Thallis on it and asked. "I've got a question. What do we get out of this again? Maybe you told it to me and I forgot.. I don't know what I forgot this day but it seems to me like we ain't getting a lot of payoff out of this. We're staying in hotels off of our own money, we're getting shot at, breaking the law, and some of us are getting arrested, we're following orders and trying to work with people we barely know with not much intel on these missions. What do we get in return? Are you going to pay us? Is there some form of prestige or power that comes with joining this company? Because given this current base of operations, and my perspective, it feels like we're just being ordered around for no reward." Mnemonic was probably more bitter than most of the people in the room for his injuries. It had donned on the man to question whether this was worth it, and he wondered if Thallis could answer that or risk losing someone who was evidently an integral part in their plan to spring Iron-Hide or have him confess.
  • KhanKhan Heh heh Full Members
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    ((Contributions from Dei))

    Thallis nodded. "A reasonable concern, yes. Your wounds are fresh, so you're reevaluating the worth of my offer. The reason you are struggling to remember it is because it was rather nebulous. I am, essentially, offering you whatever you want. If your only interest is money, I can give it to you, though there are better ways of obtaining it. If you simply want food and shelter, I will provide it in exchange for your services. However, I imagine most of you have greater ambitions than living out a long, yet inevitably mediocre, life. Ambitions that would otherwise be absurd to strive for, given your positions in life. Ambitions that require more resources, more knowledge, more influence, or more time, or more luck than you have, or could get elsewhere. Do you have such an ambition, Mnemonic?"

    Mnemonic thought on his own ambitions and his past. When he was a child, he had wanted to be the president of the United States, but as he grew he began to determine that such dreams had been impossible, and so had relegated himself to simply examining the stories where such dreams were possible. Now, he began to realize, perhaps those dreams could come back.. "..yes." He spoke to the screen, as his mind began to wander. "Though I doubt you could provide me with such wonders. What proof do you have that you can provide?"

    “You want to see what I have to offer? Look around you.” Thallis spread his arms in front of him, making it look like he was embracing the entire ceiling. “How did I find all of you? How did I know that all of you had gifts? How did you all get here, to this city, to this exact building? How did you know exactly what to take from the richest man in the world, and where to find it? How can I see you, speak to you, right now? The truth is, Mnemonic, that I have already provided you with something that none of you could have accomplished if left to your own devices, and I expected to get nothing for it.

    You heard me, nothing. All of this effort, all of these things, were part of a gambit. I realize that I'm dealing with thieves. You could just have easily accepted my gifts, executed my plan, and disappeared with the prize. You still can, and I would have to take the loss, start over.

    Why then would I be willing to waste so much of my resources? There are two answers. First, I can afford such a loss. You have only seen what I will give for a group of random strangers, willing criminals no less. Imagine what I would offer someone with value, a loyalist, a confidant. An associate, if you will, instead of a pawn.

    Second, and more important, is my valuation of the potential gains. In your hands, the trinket you have delivered to me would provide a few of you with early retirements, but it in my hands it is only a start. You see, Mnemonic, I am a truly ambitious man. My ends are so great that if I achieve them, your farthest-flung whim will become not just possible, but only as distant as a command from my lips. If I get that which I aim for, rewarding you will be of little consequence to me.”

    As Thallis spoke about what he wanted, he had moved his face closer and closer to the camera. Upon finishing his speech, he leaned back, looking at something else. “Over two minutes . . .” he muttered before turning back. “Does that answer your question?”

    Mnemonic thought for a moment before sighing to himself. He decided that the strangeness of the situation into which he had been flung was indicative of the burgeoning organization he was beginning to get involved in, and so, with a brief reflection, stated "All right, let's keep doing this... now then, where do we go get Iron-Hide?"

    “San Francisco. The police are still transporting him up along the coast, so I can not be absolutely certain where they'll stop. However, I have a guess, and you can act on it if it is confirmed. The state of California has yet to approve the construction of any specially-designed cells for metahumans, so most prisons will be unable to contain our doctor. There are only a couple possibilities . . . Go to San Francisco and await further guidance. I will keep you informed on his whereabouts.”
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    Crank slept quietly in his apartment waiting for some higher being to move his life forward.
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