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RPG Backtrack: Episode 55 - The Dark Crystal Chronicles

JuMeSynJuMeSyn Code: KirinAdministrators
edited October 2011 in Latest Updates
When Final Fantasy returned to a Nintendo system after years of Sony exclusivity, it was news. Thus the Backtrack crew members bare their souls to talk about a series of precious crystal gems found in the caverns of the series.
Gosh, what could it be....
It's not what he's eating, but what's eating him that makes it ... sort of interesting.


  • NyxNyx Staff Girly Girl RPGamer Staff
    edited October 2011
    Favourite part of this episode? Listening to Berry have a rant at the end about Ignition. I find it adorable that she says words like "blasted!" but yeah, I'm with you about Ignition products. No effort? Not worth the cash.
  • JuMeSynJuMeSyn Code: Kirin Administrators
    edited October 2011
    So did anyone else try to play the original Crystal Chronicles using that cumbersome setup Nintendo mandated? Sounds like it was a barrel of laughs all the way.
    It's not what he's eating, but what's eating him that makes it ... sort of interesting.
  • Strawberry EggsStrawberry Eggs Wannabe Mistborn Lucario Administrators
    edited October 2011
    I don't see what's so cute about saying "blasted." :P
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  • ShayminShaymin The Gratitude Pokemon Halifax, New SealandFull Members
    edited October 2011
    Did I miss what the next episode was going to be about?

    My experiences with the Crystal Chronicles games are limited to Ring of Fates (played a couple of hours but it didn't hook me) and grabbing Crystal Bearers out of an EB bomba bin for five bucks. Mac might say I still paid too much for it, though. :p I do recall Ring of Fates being the first major DS game to have really nasty copy protection - it first crossed my notice in some of the shadier parts of the Internet because people playing the game illegally would get taken to a "Thanks for playing!" screen after 5-10 minutes.
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