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Second Impression - Star Wars: The Old Republic

KeerithKeerith New MemberFull Members
edited December 2011 in Latest Updates
With SW:TOR only a few days away from launch, we drop in for a peek at the finished game. Is it WoW 6.0? Mass Effect with lightsabers? Take a peek and find out!

The story is here.


  • scorpio_7scorpio_7 Tactics Ogre, I choose u! Full Members
    edited December 2011
    I have to say that I am thoroughly enjoying and addicted to this game! It is the first mmo to create this feeling for me. I would assume this is due to the emphasis on story, companion characters, and star wars universe that has done it for me. It's the first mmo that in my opinion actually encompasses RPG elements as they should be.
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  • freykinfreykin Member Full Members
    edited December 2011
    I as well am having a lot of fun with it. They did an excellent job on the story front, and while combat is familiar feeling, it's different enough that it doesn't feel like more of the same.
  • KeerithKeerith New Member Full Members
    edited December 2011
    Oh, goodness, yes!

    I just had a moment where I stared at my screen for a good five minutes, trying to decide how I wanted to answer a dialogue option the game gave me. I actually weighed the consequences, and tried to think about what the various outcomes might be, how it might impact the rest of the mission and how the Boss would react. >.> And that's not the first time it's happened since I started playing, either. :D
  • RebochanRebochan Who needs Rinoa anyway? Full Members
    edited December 2011
    I've been enjoying the crap out of this game, to be frank. Yes, it IS using a chunk of WoW to get off the ground, but I feel a lot of WoW's rough spots are being covered up more effectively. Frankly, I had a blast playing through the Esseles flashpoint with a friend today - it really felt like a single-player co-op RPG experience. I've yet to really experience that, though City of Heroes has been taking shots at it over the last year or so on a smaller scale.

    My only real concern is running out of story content - I'm not a raid lover. If they can somehow make raids fun, maybe, but if I hit max level and it's all raids, all the time, I can promise the interest will die.
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  • JCServantJCServant Certified Polygameist RPGamer Staff
    edited December 2011
    Interesting through, Rebo. I've been thinking something similar. Many of my friends who did get this game are bragging about it for the same reason as y'all - Great story couple with good gameplay (in a nutshell). That's awesome for an RPG (And I will eventually get it for thsoe reasons) ...but an MMORPG must have more legs to keep subscribers in the long run. They can only have *so* much story in there. They have to start slowing players down towards the end or risk people getting bored after they blow through the content. So, the gameplay MUST be compelling enough to do over and over again (Dungeon raiding, PVP, gearing up, etc). There's a reason that millions are still playing WoW years and years after release. Does TOR capture that? I'll know in about six months :D I wait, with much anticipation, to see how many of my friends are still actively playing and bragging about TOR at that point.
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