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Moon (one weird little game)

gaijinmonogatarigaijinmonogatari RPGamer StaffRPGamer Staff
edited February 2012 in Staff Review Blogs

I started this game for the first time. On-screen, a young boy drawn in scribbly crayon was starting a game for the first time. From this point, I'm playing someone else's TV screen as the opening credits of a game begin. What follows is a very detailed backstory. At first I'm annoyed because there's just a bit more text than I can read in the time before it goes to the next page. Then I realize this is intentional, as the final part of the backstory fills the entire screen with size 14 font text.

The boy (who I'm apparently playing) then gets to start his game. There's one thing that stands out right now -- this is Dragon Quest he's playing here. Well, sort of. The "game" is an obvious knock-off. The hero talks to the king, who tells him that he must defeat the Evil Dragon in the Dragon's Castle.

I try to leave town straight away, but the game tells me that I'd better check the dresser drawers in the town first. Apparently random townspeople keep all the legendary equipment in them. He also beats up a dog that attacks him.

The game then jumps ahead to another saved game (1:18). The hero is wandering through some mountains and occasionally beats up monsters on autopilot, showing off his skills in the process.

Another jump, to the 8:27 game save. The hero saves some townsfolk from monsters. Every enemy shown so far looks like a parody of Toriyama's Dragon Quest designs.

At the 20:35 game save, we get to a place with a slightly technological feel. It even has a robot NPC beeping near the entrance, and an airship at the other end. The airship takes the hero to the infamous castle. There's a bizarre monster standing guard, but the hero hits it so hard that the game won't even give an HP amount, only "Hero hits for a heckuva lot of damage!"

Time to face the dragon! The hero has apparently gotten pretty buff at this point, as he hits the dragon for 9999 damage over and over and over again, faster than the text box at the bottom can keep up. About this time, Mom yells at him to "Turn that thing off!"

The boy turns off the game, goes to brush his teeth, and comes back to turn off the TV. Which is when he gets sucked into the game.

.... whew, it's nice to see that the ACTUAL game has better graphics than the one the boy was playing. He's apparently invisible right now though, so no one is talking to him. Instead, they all seem to think someone else is talking when I try to engage them in conversation. Everyone has voice acting, of sorts. It's all gibberish, but fits the tone of whatever they are saying.

The hero is here to report to the king, who is kind enough to even tell him how much experience he needs for the next level...

In town, while the boy is listening to some NPCs, a dog walks by the front of the castle. Then the hero shows up and chases it away. When he listens to another pair of NPCs, the chase continues. The NPCs have some fun comments about that. When he gets to a shop called Flora's, the dog stops in front, takes a leak, and then runs before the hero rushes through.

Just outside of town is a small house, where the boy finds the dog (who's apparently escaped the hero) and a blind woman who for some reason knows his name. Though she seems to think he's her grandson. She also seems to be speaking French in her voice acting. She nods off, and the boy takes a nap in bed.

Then he gets this weird dream where a floating head welcomes him to MoonWorld, and that only his love can help him survive. When he wakes up, old Grandmaman has some clothes ready, so at least other people can see him now. Sorta. He's still invisible, but his clothes aren't.

And... there's apparently some sort of stamina bar involved here that I did not realize, as my character just collapsed and died.

More later as I figure this thing out.


  • Mike MoehnkeMike Moehnke Code: Kirin Administrators
    edited January 2012
    So you finally tracked down a copy, eh? There must be a reason love-de-lic's little game here commands high aftermarket prices, and what you're describing sure keeps it out of the generic category.
    It's not what he's eating, but what's eating him that makes it ... sort of interesting.
  • gaijinmonogatarigaijinmonogatari RPGamer Staff RPGamer Staff
    edited January 2012
    Okay... before I finally turned off the PS3 last night, I....

    ... helped the Chancellor find his secret documents
    ... found a ring for the barmaid
    ... got lectured on the proper way to stalk ladies without getting a sexual harassment suit
    ... got told the importance of not carving names on trees
    ... witnessed a guard rocking out after-hours in the throne room
    ... discovered the baker's chilling secret
    ... watched as the head guard struggled to make the perfect toy airplane for his son
    ... saved the souls of 15 monsters
    ... tricked the hero into thinking that his "hero armor" could make rainbows
    ... taught Granny's dog some new tricks
    ... took a vacation to an exotic isle, where I played the marimba with some trained monkeys
    ... encouraged all the flowers of the desert to bloom
    ... befriended an audiophile
    ... and passed a very difficult test of visual acuity.

    For all of these, I earned Love Points, which take the place of experience in this game. The higher my character's Love-l, the more things he can do before his stamina runs out and he collapses.
  • gaijinmonogatarigaijinmonogatari RPGamer Staff RPGamer Staff
    edited January 2012
    Let's see... what did I manage last night...

    ... bonded with a gambling birdwatcher
    ... saved a beloved family pet
    ... managed to make a masterful firework
    ... broke into a cranky old man's house
    ... met the Eco Club
    ... learned how to fish
    ... caught another ten monsters' souls
    ... helped an insomniac get some Z's... with a little help from a bottle of chloroform
  • gaijinmonogatarigaijinmonogatari RPGamer Staff RPGamer Staff
    edited January 2012
    Whew, haven't updated in a few days, and oh so many things I have done....

    ... inspiring a comic book
    ... daring to try the cactus salad
    ... chatting with a mushroom-loving old shaman
    ... trying some shrooms, with interesting results
    ... rescuing a mad doctor from a haunted house
    ... helping a ghost remember his past
    ... resuscitating a coelacanth
    ... serving as a royal courier
    ... constructing a giant rocket
    ... watching a pop diva's live debut
    ... administering a questionnaire
    ... reuniting a rock band (of now-dead monsters)
    ... giving up on a ridiculously difficult arcade game
    ... attending night school with a bunch of birds
    ... being an accessory to royal impersonation
    ... carrying love letters.

    Busy Busy!
  • Mike MoehnkeMike Moehnke Code: Kirin Administrators
    edited January 2012
    I'm wracking my brain and can't come up with any other instance of coelacanth appearance in RPGs - or even in the larger world of video games. Doubtless I'm missing something, but the fish isn't a common spectacle.
    It's not what he's eating, but what's eating him that makes it ... sort of interesting.
  • gaijinmonogatarigaijinmonogatari RPGamer Staff RPGamer Staff
    edited January 2012
    There's a coelacanth pokemon, for one.

    I know I've seen its distinctive profile from time to time in other games, but I can't quite recall at the moment. The rare and unusual life forms pop up all the time in RPGs anyway. There's no other explanation why Rafflesia are so common in in the gameworld, otherwise.
  • JungyinJungyin Member Full Members
    edited January 2012
    For games in general: coelacanth can be caught in the Animal Crossing games, at least in the Gamecube and DS ones anyway.
  • gaijinmonogatarigaijinmonogatari RPGamer Staff RPGamer Staff
    edited February 2012
    And to finish up, I...

    ... had one acid-tastic flight to the moon,
    ... met all the monsters I had saved,
    ... faced down the Hero,
    wrote the review
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