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RPGCast - Episode 208: "Twice the British in Half the Time"

sabin1001sabin1001 Man vs. Slime, the fourth type of conflictMadison, WIAdministrators
edited January 2012 in Latest Updates
RPGCast - Episode 208: "Twice the British in Half the Time"

The Commonwealth invades for this week's RPG Cast. Alex Fuller leads the invading forces and brings new areas of the internet that should never be exposed. Meanwhile, Chris's cats bolster homeland defense by increasing fish supplies.

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  • ShayminShaymin The Gratitude Pokemon Halifax, New SealandFull Members
    edited January 2012
    Chris doesn't recognize "what is this i dont even"?

    Son... I am disappoint.
    "The flowers all over its body burst into bloom if it is lovingly hugged and senses gratitude."
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  • MasterChiefMasterChief I didn't learn anything! Full Members
    edited January 2012
    Yeah, that's a pretty old internet phrase.

    And Chris? I'm the one who put that damned video of the pizza vending machine, in the same post even! Here's a video better illustrating how it works.


    Anyway, here's some more cool vending machines. This first one's not really for food, but might be more Manny's speed.


    Back to food, we have various Japanese goodies.

    In Germany, we have french fries.

    And of course, burgers in Japan.

    And lastly, a restaurant that runs with vending machines, nice way to incorporate people and vending machines in one place. :P

    "What the f--- is a Shakespeare?"
    -Rico Valasquez, showing off why no one likes him.
  • blitzer98blitzer98 Member Full Members
    edited January 2012
    Hey RPGCast,
    Well this comment dosn`t really go with this week`s podcast but i wanted to know if you guys could recomend me a really good JRPG and WRPG for PS3. (one game per person on the panel, I don`t have the money to buy all the good RPGs on earth)
    I was also wondering what you guys thought of Final Fantasy XIII because i was thinking of purchusing it.
  • KeldarusKeldarus RPGamer Staff RPGamer Staff
    edited January 2012
    blitzer, FF13 isn't a terrible game. It's very linear and has some annoying characters, but the battles are fast-paced and the story is OK to some, not to others. I enjoyed it well enough, and if you can get it for 20-30 bux it's a pretty good deal. For an RPG on the PS3 I would recommend Valkyria Chronicles. It's probably one of the best games on the PS3 with a great story and amazing art direction. Otherwise Demons Souls gets high regards if you enjoy really hard games, I have it, but it's still in the backlog. Yakuza 3 was also really fun. Most of the Western RPG's I play on the PC, so I can't help you too much there.

    Good luck,

  • AzilisAzilis Member Full Members
    edited January 2012
    Some of the talk about Skyrim at the beginning of the last podcast brings up a point I think needs to be addressed. I think western RPGs are getting somewhat misrepresented by Skyrim to people who play mostly JRPGs. Bethesda's games are not what I'd call typical WRPGs. They're at the extreme far end of the spectrum in terms of placing the main story in the background. Morrowind was my first Bethesda game, and even though I played only WRPGs at the time, that game initially put me off due to the extreme lack of involvement I felt in the story. I eventually realized that Bethesda excels at creating huge worlds for gamers to explore, with a plethora of things to do within those worlds, but they don't excel at telling interesting stories.

    There are plenty of western developers who make the main story the focus of their games, including CDProjekt, Bioware, Larian (developer of Divine Divinity and its follow-ups), and Obsidian (New Vegas was something of an anomaly for them). WRPGs are generally characterized by a greater element of player choice in how the story plays out. That isn't to say that all WRPGs allow for a great amount of choice in the story (see Deus Ex, where there is only really one big choice at the end) or that all JRPGs are 100% linear, but for the most part, that's the major differentiation in story focus.
    blitzer98 wrote: »
    Hey RPGCast,
    Well this comment dosn`t really go with this week`s podcast but i wanted to know if you guys could recomend me a really good JRPG and WRPG for PS3.

    I know you asked the panel, but I'll throw in my 2 recommendations. Nier for JRPG and Mass Effect 2 for the WRPG. I'd recommend Fallout: New Vegas for the WRPG if you were asking for any platform, but you want to keep any Bethesda product far far away from your PS3.

    I also wouldn't hold my breath waiting for Bethesda to fix the major PS3 Skyrim problem. That issue seems to have been built into the engine and it would take a complete overhaul to fix. That's basically the gist of what Chris Avellone from Obsidian had to say on the issue (at least I think it was Avellone . . . it was someone from Obsidian), after having worked with the engine extensively for Fallout:NV.
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