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Retail Update on A Realm Reborn

MacstormMacstorm Ysy St.Administrators
edited August 2012 in Latest Updates
Final Fantasy XIV is on track to get a second chance to thrive early next year, but how will that work for PlayStation 3 owners? It looks like it at least won't require a full $60 purchase.

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  • NiknarNiknar Member Full Members
    edited August 2012
    Unless they go back on their word, current players will not have to pay for the upgrade.
  • NefarioCallNefarioCall Member Full Members
    edited August 2012
    The current PC version of the game is available in the $13-$15 range on Amazon depending on the format.

    Yoshi has said on several occasions that current owners/subscribers of the game will not need to repurchase the game. The new client will be distributed online as a kind of massive update. The game will also go free to play for EVERYONE from the start of Beta in October until the launch (probably plus one month). If you're a prospective PC player, then the amazon price + your free month will cost less than half of whatever you'll end up paying later. So it would be smart if you've already decided you're going to buy it to get it now.

    Obviously there's a counter argument that says why would SE leave a loophole? They'd loose tons of money if everyone just bought it now. Aside from the PS3 version being unavailable, there is also little confidence in the game from consumers at this point. Consider the price cut their thank you to you for having faith. That's also why the current player base is getting a 30% lifetime discount on the monthly fee, our Goobbue mounts, a specially designed chocobo, our names in the credits, and a crap load of other in game items that no one who buys later will ever get.

    I'm paraphrasing a little off memory, but in the words of Yoshi, 'You, the current players of FFXIV are the most committed, valuable consumers that SE has. Without you, our company could not thrive'.
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