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Gen Con - Pok

Fowl SorcerousFowl Sorcerous Dread News EditorRPGamer Staff
edited September 2012 in Latest Updates
man on the scene, Zach Wellhouse, journeys into the tall grass and encounters wild pok


  • Strawberry EggsStrawberry Eggs Wannabe Mistborn Lucario Administrators
    edited September 2012
    Despite having started EV training and breeding for battle-ready Pokemon, I too have participated in no full tournaments. Either I drop out before it even start, or the tourney itself is cancelled or just fizzles out. I am thinking about participating in the Autumn Friendly WiFi tournament. I prefer single battles, so I'm not sure if I will or not.
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  • NekobasuNekobasu RPGamer Staff RPGamer Staff
    edited September 2012
    I like single battles too. Doubles must introduce new strategic elements, but I start thinking of all the combos it enables and I get nervous.

    We should fight sometime! I haven't played much Pokemon lately.
  • lolwhoopslolwhoops happy accident HalifaxRPGamer Staff
    edited September 2012
    i never participated in a tournament and until recently I never even EV trained pokemon. The first one I ever did was Jynx just as an experiment. I just don't feel like going in and fighting teams of super strong pokemon like legendaries and dragonites and tyranitars. I've seen "competitive" teams and they're boring.

    Oh one small thing, the link to their rules near the end of the article doesn't work. Not sure why.
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  • Fowl SorcerousFowl Sorcerous Dread News Editor RPGamer Staff
    edited September 2012
    lolwhoops wrote: »
    Oh one small thing, the link to their rules near the end of the article doesn't work. Not sure why.

    not my fault. the nerdfit website seems to have died for the moment.
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