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RPGCast - Episode 245: "Mass Effect Football Manager 2013"

sabin1001sabin1001 Man vs. Slime, the fourth type of conflictMadison, WIAdministrators
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RPGCast - Episode 245: "Mass Effect Football Manager 2013"

This week we figure out BioWare's next title. Then we settle the great question of Persona 4 vs. Nocturne. Finally, we give our list of games we're excited to play on the Microsoft Xbox Surface.

You can find the links to all our stories on delicious: http://delicious.com/rpgamer/245

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Also, I got board topic 20000!


  • ShayminShaymin The Gratitude Pokemon Halifax, New SealandFull Members
    edited November 2012
    Some clarification on Guild01:

    - Level-5 published game compilation, retail in Japan, games sold separately on the eShop in NA/Europe

    - Games are Liberation Maiden (Suda 51 shmup), Aeroporter (airport management game headed by Yoot Saito, comes out this month), Crimson Shroud (adventure RPG by Matsuno, comes out in December), and "Omasse's Rental Weapon Shop", a rhythm-RPG not announced for localization because it's designed by a Japanese comedian

    - A sequel has been announced for Japan which includes Inafune and Asano as developers
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  • QuinQuin ne cede malis RPGamer Staff
    edited November 2012
    Shaymin wrote: »
    Aeroporter (airport management game headed by Yoot Saito, comes out this month)

    *Raises eyebrow*

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  • FiremystFiremyst Daddy Dragon II RPGamer Staff
    edited November 2012
    Quin wrote: »
    *Raises eyebrow*


    Better or worse than Airport Trips 2? That's a fun little game. :)
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  • QuinQuin ne cede malis RPGamer Staff
    edited November 2012
    Firemyst wrote: »
    Better or worse than Airport Trips 2? That's a fun little game. :)

    Actually, I just wasn't sure that Yoot Saito was still in the business of making games. SimTower (Made by Saito's company and published by Maxis, hence the 'Sim' branding) was one of the earliest PC games I played, and one I really enjoyed playing, perhaps moreso than it's city-building cousin. I actually tried to fire it up recently, as I still have my original copy, but it doesn't work on 64-bit windows. It's slightly more obscure sequel, Yoot Tower, does, though.
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  • BalanceBalance Member Full Members
    edited November 2012
    Damnit! I can get no poutine satisfaction in Scotland. The delicious cheese curd and gravy covered fries are not widely available over here. I might get desperate enough to try and make my own >.<. When I visit my mom in Hong Kong, there's like 2 places I know that serve it, and I always go a few times, but then that's where I get my Kansai three, Gyudon, etc too, worth the long haul flights >.<;
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  • Iliya MoroumetzIliya Moroumetz Member Full Members
    edited November 2012
    I wanted to add a note to the whole 'soundtrack' subject is that everyone needs to give the 'World of Goo' soundtrack at least a listen though. The game was made by two guys. One of them did the soundtrack in his room. My two favorite tracks are 'Years of Work' and 'The Best of Times'. What makes the latter so awesome is that the drums you hear in that are merely cardboard boxes duct taped to chairs and played as drums. And a single soprano singer was asked to help in the production of that song. It's awesome. I can't recommend that soundtrack enough.
  • LegendaryZoltanLegendaryZoltan Releaser of Heavy Metal Full Members
    edited November 2012
    I, too feel guilty about not answering the podcast questions and soundtracks are always a fun and important issue.

    My recommendation for a current generation game soundtrack (Although it is not new):

    Eternal Sonata

    Whether you liked the game or not, one thing everyone agrees on is how beautiful it is and the same goes for the soundtrack. The first thing that jumped out at me was actually the production. The sound quality is just so damn PRISTINE! Sakuraba has his own style that he never deviates from and non-fans just seem to get tired of it. Most people believe that Valkyrie Profile 1 was his golden opus. Eternal Sonata is like that for the current generation. I like Star Ocean 4 and Vesperia's soundtracks a lot, too but not as much as Eternal Sonata's. Whenever Sakuraba gets a new IP to work on, he shines brighter than ever.

    My least recommended soundtrack of the current generation:

    Armored Core V

    I like most soundtracks I hear but I thought that this one was "borderline crappy." I never say that a soundtrack is crappy. As long as the quality is there and it's written by someone who knows ANYTHING about music, it will usually be serviceable. Whether you like it or not is subjective, of course. This game has 3 songs that you will hear over and over again and those 3 songs are just so bland. The production doesn't stand out in any way, the instrumentation sounds way too bare-bones for a mech building simulation game, and the genre clashes with the atmosphere of the game. The 3 songs I'm talking about are the world map music, the post-mission results screen music, and the music that plays when you're building your Armored Core in the garage. I know that is only 3 songs but the thing is, all the music that plays during missions becomes irrelevant because it's constantly covered up with awesome robot sounds and explosions. It might be the best song ever but I can't hear it. The 3 songs I mentioned dominate your time with the game and I couldn't have been more disappointed by them. That game could have been WAY better with different music.
  • OcelotOcelot is not declawed RPGamer Staff
    edited November 2012
    There were portions of the Eternal Sonata soundtrack that I thought were absolute masterpieces. They all seem to have been written by Sakuraba's co-composer, though.
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