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Unchained Blades Drops on 3DS eShop Today

OcelotOcelot is not declawedRPGamer Staff
edited January 2013 in Latest Updates
A wild dungeon crawler appears on the 3DS. Those who prefer their blades firmly chained need not apply.

Note: I know some of you want to come on here just to say, "I would buy this game but I only buy physical releases." We get that in every danged thread about a digital game, so let's just make it a given that some people never buy digital games and move on, ok?
Becky Cunningham, Staff-at-Large
Twitter: BeckyCFreelance


  • smacdsmacd Full Members
    edited January 2013
    So is this game ONLY available as a download? I've read reviews for the PSP, but has anyone played the 3DS version yet?

    I'm currently considering it, but more because there are so few games I want so far for the 3DS XL i just picked up.
  • freykinfreykin Member Full Members
    edited January 2013
    While I have the psp version, and not the 3ds, I've been really enjoying it so far. If you like dungeon crawls, this certainly scratches that itch well.
  • JungyinJungyin Member Full Members
    edited January 2013
    I've only just downloaded it and read the manual, and was a little surprised to find that "B" is confirm and "A" is cancel. Did the original Japanese PSP version use "X" for confirm and "O" for cancel?
  • imercenaryimercenary Member Full Members
    edited January 2013
    Have there been any major changes from the PSP version? (aside from the obvious use of 3D and the second screen)

    I would buy the game again if all they did was simplified the annoying elements system. (Farm minions to unlock spells? Really? Grinding for XP AND working through the skill trees wasn't enough?)
  • ChickenGodChickenGod Overdosing Heavenly Bliss Moderators
    edited January 2013
    Now that its on 3DS, I'm considering getting UB as well. XSEED picked a pretty good time to release it, as I just got a 3DS over the holidays and have a strong desire to play around with it for awhile. The idea of having 8 different characters as opposed to classes to choose from looks like a welcome twist from Etrian Odyssey. Here's hoping that downloading it isn't going to be as painful as the few times I've needed to download a game on the PSP.
  • OcelotOcelot is not declawed RPGamer Staff
    edited January 2013
    In my experience, the 3DS eShop downloads at a decent clip compared to the PSP. I had Unchained Blades in under an hour.

    For you guys who played it on the PSP, what was your strategy to collect Followers? Seems like by the time I have enough Charisma to get the Unchain circle reliably on a particular kind of enemy, it's waaaay too easy to accidentally kill it.
    Becky Cunningham, Staff-at-Large
    Twitter: BeckyCFreelance
  • DaylightDiesDaylightDies Member Full Members
    edited January 2013
    As the game moves on, the unchaining becomes easier. The best strategy, if I remember, is to go for the bigger, harder enemies to unchain and just get lucky with the easy ones to fill out your followers.
    Bean Forever
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