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Staff Impression - Age of Wushu

noodlenoodle Kirby: El PresidenteRPGamer Staff
edited May 2013 in Latest Updates
In this MMO everyone is kung-fu fighting. The RMTs are as fast as lightning. In fact it is a little bit frightening. It's an ancient Chinese art but no one really knows their part.

--> *head explodes*


  • OcelotOcelot is not declawed RPGamer Staff
    edited May 2013
    Nicely-written review! I now understand a few things I didn't during my brief time trying out this game. :) I agree with your final assessment. The game is pretty and has some nice concepts behind it, but it's sloooooow and it's difficult to figure out how things work.
    Becky Cunningham, Staff-at-Large
    Twitter: BeckyCFreelance
  • freykinfreykin Member Full Members
    edited May 2013
    This looked really interesting, but I couldn't get it to recognize my keyboard :/. Ah well, it's not like there's a lack of mmos out there right now.
  • noodlenoodle Kirby: El Presidente RPGamer Staff
    edited May 2013
    thanks oce!

    freykin: that's weird.. sorry you couldn't get it to work. but just think of how many brain cells you'll be saving.
  • MaudrenMaudren i can post! thanx paws! Full Members
    edited May 2013
    "I came online once to find that I had been kidnapped and sold, and starving."

    that's pretty hilarious, but a deal breaker. While It's realistic that your character still exists in a persistent world, it's NOT realistic that they'd just stand there and allow themselves to be kidnapped without defending themselves.
  • freykinfreykin Member Full Members
    edited May 2013
    I won't be saving any, what with Neverwinter in open beta now :P. I'll try this one again in a while and see if whatever was causing my issues is gone; it was really strange, as I could hit esc for reaching the menu, and return let me chat, but WASD wouldn't work for moving. I tried rebinding them to different keys and it didn't seem to make a difference.
  • SlayerSlayer Member Full Members
    edited May 2013
    Thanks for your detailed impression.
    Good info.
  • BalanceBalance Member Full Members
    edited May 2013
    I'm unlikely to go back to MMO's after TERA which wasn't bad, but I like to read about them. This one sounds like it does have some novel concepts and good ideas but it's rampant with things that will frutrate the heck out of me inculding the microtransaction system andnot seeing NPC's on the minimap for crying aloud! I finished Fire Emblem awakening! I guess if I wanted a Kung Fu fix I would take on Jade Empire muwhaha.
    Am I crazy for thinking the whole Fantasy MMORPG genre could be done better? You can't beat pen and paper but the offline single player games have loads of elements that could make a game more epic, I feel like I 'm not really involved in most MMORPGS.
    I didn't like what Blizzard did with Diablo 3 and then I returned to it and had some fun with it, Path of Exiles beta was much more satisfying and yet....because World of Warcraft really got alot of tihngs right, chiefly for me the social interactions and community seem more cohesive and effective that I am warily hopeful of their next MMORPG project.
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