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Platforms for Cosmic Star Heroine Announced

Strawberry EggsStrawberry Eggs Valkyrie PearlAdministrators
edited September 2013 in Latest Updates
Agent Alyssa L'Salle of Cosmic Star Heroine will be facing her toughest challenge yet. Players will be able to help her take on said challenge on a number of platforms.

Reincarnation, realization


  • scorpio_7scorpio_7 Tactics Ogre, I choose u! Full Members
    edited September 2013
    The video appears to be an error... not sure if that is a google issue, or rpgamer issue.
  • TheAnimeManTheAnimeMan Member Full Members
    edited September 2013
    Looks like it's a google error as youtube didn't load at all

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  • Strawberry EggsStrawberry Eggs Valkyrie Pearl Administrators
    edited September 2013
    Ah, Google error. The video works for me. Never mind then. ^^;
    Reincarnation, realization
  • ShayminShaymin The Gratitude Pokemon Full Members
    edited September 2013
    In for Vita, but if that Kickstarter goes off all big-time stylee and a WiiU version becomes possible I might double dip.
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  • OcelotOcelot is not declawed RPGamer Staff
    edited September 2013
    Video appears to be working fine now. :)
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  • SiliconNooBSiliconNooB Member Full Members
    edited September 2013
    I really like that music - there's something very Policenautsesque about it.
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  • scorpio_7scorpio_7 Tactics Ogre, I choose u! Full Members
    edited September 2013
    Very nice teaser, definitely looking forward to more info.
  • MonCapitan2002MonCapitan2002 Avatar Captured Full Members
    edited September 2013
    For some reason, the teaser reminds me of Phantasy Star.
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