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RPG Backtrack: Episode 114 - Ogres in My Pocket

JuMeSynJuMeSyn Code: KirinAdministrators
edited April 2014 in Latest Updates
It's Yasumi Matsuno's vast Ogre world, but the game format for this bunch is rather different than March of the Black Queen. Just because things look more like conventional tactical models doesn't mean there are no gameplay depths to describe, though.
A struggle to record may just prove enjoyable!
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  • silktailsilktail mild peril Full Members
    edited April 2014
    I couldn't say for every version of FFV. But usually it has a Battle Speed option, which adjusts how long the ATB pauses when your character's turn comes up.
    I.e. At Battle Speed 2 it might pause half a second. While Battle Speed 5 might give 2 seconds to choose a command. (Not actual times.)

    Plus there is the Wait/Active option that was mentioned, for stopping the ATB in the Magic & Item menus.
  • SeraphimKittenSeraphimKitten President of Soft Paws Full Members
    edited April 2014
    Aw, you went and made a Tactics Ogre podcast without me. For shame! Overall, you did a good job. I'd make you a platinum trophy, but do you know how long it takes to convert inferior ore into platinum ore into platinum bars to make a trophy with only a 65% success rate?

    One area where the podcast was weak was in the post-game content. Once you've beaten it once and unlocked the WORLD option, going back to try out different paths uncaps the story enemy levels but sometimes adds in bonus loot. Once the Dark Knights hit around level 30 or higher they're each carrying a special unique weapon that you can nab. In the case of Oz, though his character screen shows him wearing normal armor, it turns out he's secretly wearing a corset and high-heeled boots that he can drop for you.

    It's not just about seeing the other paths and recruiting all of the characters, though - once you've beaten the game you can go into a bonus dungeon or do the CODA chapters. The first chapter is all about everyone's favourite character from March of the Black Queen, Iuria (Canopus half-sister). She's the only playable female "winged" (Hawkperson) in Ogre Battle. Sadly, while they give her access to some rare and special classes, she's the only hawk that can't become Vartan (the class everyone keeps Canopus in until they unlock Pirate Heart-throb Canopus). The next two quests are spoiler-heavy (PSP version isn't that old), but the last one allows you to use the WORLD tarot and go back to the last scene of Knight of Lodis and face all of the Dark Knights at once. If you do it with the three characters who were there -Denim, Vyce, and Catiu - you can grab Lanselot's sword from Knight of Lodis.

    Speaking of which, where was the Lanselot Tartaros love? I can't think of another video game character I've enjoyed even half as much. Seeing him take the moral choice, defy the houses of Lodis in favor of the pope, and go on to continue blurring the lines in Let Us Cling Together was a lot of fun. If you take the Lawful route, I'm not convinced the player can take the moral high ground against him, either. If Palatinus, Nirdhame, Zenobia, Valeria, and Lodis go to war the smart money bets on the blue-haired knight with the eye patch looking for his long lost love trapped on the other side of the chaos gates.
  • D-ChapD-Chap New Member Full Members
    edited April 2014
    Kudos for mentioning Queen in your Ogre Battle podcast, but I think you forgot to mention that Let Us Cling Together is also based on a Queen song. The song is notable for having a Japanese title- 'Teo Torriatte' which translates to 'Let Us Cling Together', and having a good portion of the song sung in Japanese.

    I recommend giving it a listen along with Queen's second album- particularly side 2, which was written entirely by Freddy Mercury and contains the songs 'Ogre Battle', 'The March of the Black Queen' and 'Seven Seas of Rhye' among others. I think the imagery Mercury created with his lyrics served as an inspiration for Matsuno, and like him, I'm a huge Queen fan so I wanted this to be known (also the songs are really great imo)!



  • Strawberry EggsStrawberry Eggs Wannabe Mistborn Lucario Administrators
    edited April 2014
    As a barely related note, the Monster in my Pocket toy brand was the reason the Pok
    Bravely second...
    The courage to try again...

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  • smacdsmacd Full Members
    edited April 2014
    I remember trying Ogre Battle a long time ago and being completely overwhelmed by it. Though I've never been good at SRPGs. Interesting to hear about these, I can see why some people love them.

    On a side note, was it intentional to have this podcast in stereo rather than mono? took me a few moments to realize that everyone except one person was in my right earphone. I almost always only have one earphone in so that I can hear what is going on around me.
  • JCServantJCServant Certified Polygameist RPGamer Staff
    edited April 2014
    My computer was dead that week (as I awaited the new one that I gush over in this week's show, #115), so John recorded for us. I did notice that it separated people into different channels after he sent me the file. My computer is now up and running with #115, so hopefully it sounds normal again (I haven't edited it yet, so I won't know until I do).
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  • Jmustang1968Jmustang1968 RPGamer Staff RPGamer Staff
    edited April 2014
    I didnt know it would do this either. Though when it is edited and mixed, you couldve made them all mono/stereo in audacity.
  • JCServantJCServant Certified Polygameist RPGamer Staff
    edited April 2014
    I could have...but I didn't :P LOL. Sorry, amigo. I do these things pretty quick (relatively speaking), so while I did notice it, I didn't think it was a big enough deal to search for that option, LOL. It's a once in a hundred podcast thing. I've already got the next one recorded the normal way. "We shall return to our regular show already in progress."

    If I still got the original files, I may re-compress it with that option. Darn options.

    Edit: Scratch that. With this new computer, it takes a LOT less time to do edits and recompile. I'm uploading the new mono version now over the oddly set up stereo dealie. At RPGBacktrack, we listen to our fans!! :D
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  • smacdsmacd Full Members
    edited April 2014
    It's all good guys, thanks for the explanation and all the hard work! I'd actually been looking around in my podcast player to see if they had a mono/stereo option, since there is another podcast I've recently picked up that is always in stereo. But I haven't found the option if it does exist.

    Glad to hear the new computer is rockin it
  • JCServantJCServant Certified Polygameist RPGamer Staff
    edited April 2014
    The mono version is now the current version on the site...so you can redownload if you want.

    Psst...don't tell anyone, but I uploaded #115 while I was at it!
    Co-Host on RPGBacktrack. Follow me on Twitter and sub to my blog if you would like!
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