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RPGCast - Episode 303: "Free To Play Podcast"

sabin1001sabin1001 Man vs. Slime, the fourth type of conflictMadison, WIAdministrators
edited May 2014 in Latest Updates
RPGCast - Episode 303: "Free To Play Podcast"

Alex, Anna Marie, Jon, and Chris bring you the latest in RPG news. I'm sorry, you're out of energy. To listen to more, please use a crystal. If you need crystals, we recommend our "Best Value" package which costs only 99.99 and comes with 50 crystals and no more Diablo 3 references.

You can find the links to all our stories on delicious: http://delicious.com/ rpgamer/303

RPGCast streams live on Saturday at Noon Eastern / 9 AM Pacific.

Leave your feedback in the following ways!
Post in this thread.
Email us at podcast@rpgamer.com
Leave us a voicemail at (608) 729-4098
Email us an mp3 or m4a voicemail at podcast@rpgamer.com

Download the show: "Free To Play Podcast"
Subscribe to the feed: http://feeds2.feedburner.com/Rpgcast
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  • VictarVictar Member Full Members
    edited April 2014
    The link to episode 303 on the "RPG Cast Archive" page still connects to episode 302. Please fix it for posterity? :)

    How to monetize the podcast? You could try setting up a PayPal account to accept donations, but I'm not sure you'd get enough money to justify the additional effort required for tax-related recordkeeping. Also, PayPal takes a VERY large chunk of any money sent through a so-called "donation" button, unless the recipient is a legally registered charity.

    If you have any RPG-related stuff for auction on eBay, you could use the podcast to publicize your eBay auctions. But that would probably annoy listeners, unless you're selling some really cool stuff.

    Similarly, if anyone on staff is posting RPG-related videos on YouTube, you could use the podcast to publicize those. More subscriptions = more YouTube ad revenue.

    You could put games on your Steam or 3DS eshop or PSN or other wishlists, and promise listeners that you'll play them and talk about them on the podcast if any listener gifts you with those games. It won't help pay the rent, but it might reduce the bite of your monthly video game budget.
  • BalanceBalance Member Full Members
    edited April 2014
    This is still my favourite RPG podcast. Lack of sleep makes Chris funnier-mysterious. Doesn't classic gaming get covered by Backtrack? I'm losing the excitement for Diablo3 which is getting the wow love treatment ...Blizzardbucks$£$ kaching! The question is, what to play instead? I'm seriously considering getting Dragon's crown...
  • scrumly1scrumly1 New Member Full Members
    edited May 2014
    I'll start with not so good part. Was I the only one the felt uncomfortable with the whole "Speedy Gonzalez" bit from that one guys letter? Maybe it's me being sensitive.
    Now onto some lighter fare. Have you considered monetizing your podcast PBS/NPR style? Figure out your most popular bits and interrupt them every 5 minutes to beg for money for 30. Even better if I get a Red Dwarf coffee mug at the $75 or some Dalek salt shakers at $150. If Diablo III is an RPG, Warframe is as well, so Quinn should comment more on his experiences. What's your build and what do you enjoy doing in game? And is there anyway we get the question of the week in the topic post of the thread? I have the memory of a steel sieve and it would be nice to see a reminder when I go to comment in the thread.
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