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RPGCast - Episode 315: "Manny Needs Friends"

sabin1001sabin1001 Man vs. Slime, the fourth type of conflictMadison, WIAdministrators
edited August 2014 in Latest Updates
RPGCast - Episode 315: "Manny Needs Friends"

Manny gives fashion advice. Chris learns that he doesn't know how to Kindle. And Anna Marie orders avatar tuna. Is it a slow news week?

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  • risingsunrisingsun - Fancy Title - Full Members
    edited August 2014
    Question of the Week: What RPG needs a Prequel and why? and/or What do you think SE's Prequel Trilogy is?

    I'm really curious to hear what RPG could use a prequel. One idea of the top of my head is a Skies of Arcadia prequel that could tough on the Gigas wars and their subsequent defeat.
  • VictarVictar Member Full Members
    edited August 2014
    I can't think of anything for the Question of the Week. I'd rather play RPGs that build a new, original story and world. The few that I enjoy enough to play additional installments are just as well-served by sequels instead of prequels.

    Well, Warlords of Draenor is a bizarre mix of sequel and prequel for World of Warcraft. The expansion's premise is that the Iron Horde of an alternate past of Outland/Draenor is threatening to invade present-day Azeroth. In practice, it's an excuse to take some alternate-past major characters, who once played key roles in the original Warcraft RTS games, and put them into the MMO. I'm a little leery of how this will all work out, but I'm optimistic overall.

    Also, I don't see what's so hard about buying a TV. Is it being used for something other than video games, or maybe broadcast/cable? Why? Just get something that's compatible with all the latest systems, and that has a reasonable warranty. Half a dozen years ago, I bought a Sony TV that could display games I played on my PSP, and the TV I got still serves all my console gaming needs today.

    I loved Manny's take on the proposition to partition California into six pieces. If that ever goes through, it would doom the poorest parts of California, because it would strip them of the tax base from the wealthier parts to pay for their infrastructure. Everyone left in the poorest parts of California who had any money at all would get out ASAP, further concentrating and exacerbating extreme poverrty, in a vicious cycle that other parts of America have seen before. I really hope Manny is right and the entire idea is some crazy BS that will go nowhere.
  • riulynriulyn Member Full Members
    edited August 2014
    Xenogears does not need a direct prequel, but I'd still love to play as Bart's dad and co. I also would love another Xenosaga but that series does not need a prequel (sequels would be fine though).

    As for a SE prequel trilogy, I think all those FFVII-related games count as a prequel trilogy to FFVII? If you are asking whether SE should create another prequel trilogy, well I really can't think of a SE game universe that needs one. There are already multiple games for the "deeper" worlds like the FF tactics/XII universe, and the "episode"-like approach worked well enough there. I suppose, though, that a prequel trilogy to FFXII could be made, if enough planning went into it.
  • Strawberry EggsStrawberry Eggs Wannabe Mistborn Lucario Administrators
    edited August 2014
    For a moment, I though the Digital Devil Saga novels was for Digital Devil Story, the original novel series that the Megami Tensei metaseries is based on (the full title of the first book is Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei). It would certainly be neat to see the start of it all brought over to North America.

    As for a game I'd like to see a prequel of, the one most prominent right now in my mind is Fire Emblem: Awakening. I would especially like it to go into
    Grima's origin, since it was left completely unexplained as to where it came from. Apparently, the Knights of Iris artbook mentions Grima being "descended from the earth dragons," which raises more questions than it answers.
    Bravely second...
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  • MasterChiefMasterChief I didn't learn anything! Full Members
    edited August 2014
    You know, I find it odd that Manny seems so all-in on the One, especially since he cites exclusives. If anything, I find exclusives to be the biggest issue with the One. Yeah, there's Halo and Forza, but after that...? Cobbled together Gears games? Fuzion Frenzy? Fable, maybe? Sony simply has a larger, more diverse selection, and they've proven far more willing to try different things than Microsoft is.

    Personally, MS is going to need to show off something awesome that isn't Halo, Forza or Gears for me to bite, especially with PS4 having the superior versions of 3rd party games. MS is basically where Sony was in the 7th gen.

    And Chris, don't tell me to "deal with it." Real books forever.
    "What the f--- is a Shakespeare?"
    -Rico Valasquez, showing off why no one likes him.
  • risingsunrisingsun - Fancy Title - Full Members
    edited August 2014
    Well like I mentioned before, coming out of E3 I cared more about Microsoft's showing than I did Sony's. I care a lot more about Halo, Forza, Sunset Overdrive, Crackdown 3 then I do about LBP, The Order, and Uncharted.

    Thats all it really comes down to, what am I more interested in playing, what controller and service I care more about, and where my friends are. We all say we want competition in the market place, but that only works if its viable competition. The Apple Vs. Android fight only works because they are both strong competitors. So while I may not want an android phone, I understand that it speaks to a consumer with different needs and wants than I have and that they are getting a good product.

    Same here, I get that to a lot of people see the PS4 seems like the obvious choice, but based on my tastes and so on, I'm leaning One. To be honest, its not like there are a ton of differences between the two in my mind anyway, which means I'm not really dying to get either system right now anyway. All I can speak to is how I felt coming out of E3.
  • MasterChiefMasterChief I didn't learn anything! Full Members
    edited August 2014
    Well, as long as Crackdown 3 is more like Crackdown 1 than Crackdown 2...
    "What the f--- is a Shakespeare?"
    -Rico Valasquez, showing off why no one likes him.
  • knownameknowname KnowJob, KnowClue Full Members
    edited August 2014
    I was gonna say Skies as well xD I thought Gilder was just so interesting he needed his own game!

    <What do you think SE's Prequel Trilogy is?>

    Tomb Raider
  • SeraphimKittenSeraphimKitten President of Soft Paws Full Members
    edited August 2014
    Ogre Battle needs a prequel. It starts on episode 5. Matsuno needs work, too, before he gets finds happiness doing something that isn't making video games.

    With Warlords of Draenor, I don't know if I'm more worried it'll be irrelevant to the plot or that they'll make it relevant. Mists of Pandaria has been the best expansion by far (Yey blood elves defecting from Horde, yey genocidal Jaina), so Blizzard is doing better with each expansion, but I'm not sold on Draenor yet. "Beyond the Dark Portal" is one of my least favourite Warcraft games, making a WoW version of it, not including a new class or race, and making it a time travel/alternate dimension story seems like the perfect formula to keep me away. All I need now is to find out Knaak wrote the story.
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