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Poll - Free to Play

JuMeSynJuMeSyn Code: KirinAdministrators
edited September 2014 in Latest Updates
What do you think of free to play RPGs?
Great stuff
Pretty good on the whole
A mixed bag
Usually not worth the time
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  • Rya_ReisenderRya_Reisender Solipsist Snowflake Full Members
    edited August 2014
    Before I vote: Are we talking about RPGs (like those you can download for free on RMN) or F2P MMORPGs as a contrast to P2P and B2P MMORPGs?
  • DravDrav A Serious Man Full Members
    edited August 2014
    God willing, I'll never actually play one.
  • JCServantJCServant Certified Polygameist RPGamer Staff
    edited August 2014
    I've tried a number of MMOs with various pay models. The "Free to Play" ones were generally lower quality and/or hid important things (like, you know...dungeons!) behind pay walls. Because I am gainfully employed, but I don't have a ton of free spare time, I would rather jump to the higher quality ones...which tend to be the subscription deals.

    I feel that Guild Wars 2 is a great compromise, however. The game is about $50 (on sale for half price right now), but has no monthly cost. There are a few things behind pay walls...some of which you get for free as long as you log in regularly. I believe you can earn the other stuff with enough in game gold, if you wanted to, as well. Regardless, I never felt tempted to look into it because I never got through all the content you get with just the initial purchase. Plus, I never felt that the production values, scope of the game, etc., fell short of the best subscription based MMOs out there.
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  • DarkRPGMasterDarkRPGMaster A Witness to Destruction Moderators
    edited August 2014
    They're a mixed bag, and depends mostly on the MMO. Some may make it so you can use ingame stuff to help pay for the cash shop items, such as with GW2's gold to gems setup, but others may hide everything behind a paywall. It's good to look into a F2P MMO if it interests you before diving in, just so you can avoid paywalls.
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  • AurianAurian Member Full Members
    edited August 2014
    I am getting sick of the freemium model, and will now avoid. Sorry, but I would rather pay a certain amount up front to enjoy a game, instead of getting nicked and dimed to play. The freemium games often do things to ensure that not spending "real" money translates to time wasted waiting and/or being forced to grind and grind and grind and grind to unlock new levels. No thanks, my time is valuable and the model leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    The other problem I find with IOS is there there is SOOOOOO much crap shovelled on there that I am hesitant now to buy games too. Too many games didn't work properly or were not enjoyable, and there don't seem to be any rpg reviews for IOS.

    Freemium isn't the answer... I would prefer to see more games use a model where the first chapter is free ( like FF Dimensions) and if you want to keep playing, THEN you pay to unlock either more chapters or the whole game. The game itself is not designed to get to to pay more (except, you know, being fun) and you avoid the trap of paying for a crappy game.
  • Rya_ReisenderRya_Reisender Solipsist Snowflake Full Members
    edited August 2014
    Okay since everyone talks about MMORPGs now, I guess it's about them...

    I personally have to say I like the F2P payment model more than the P2P model. Mainly because I don't want to pay monthly for ANYTHING. If I pay monthly for a game I feel forced to play it or else "the money is wasted". And when I feel forced to play a game I just can't enjoy it anymore. It ruins the whole game for me.
    In F2P MMORPG I don't have this problem. If I don't play, I don't have to pay anything at all. I can play the first 20 hours into the game without paying at all. Enough time to decide if paying for it is worth it. After that it tends to get more expensive than P2P, but again it depends on how much you play. Someone like me who only plays 1-2 hours per day tops, doesn't need to pay all that much in F2P MMORPGs. They only get expensive for the extreme gamers that also want to be the best in PVP.

    That being said my favorite payment model will always be B2P (if there is NO cash shop - or just for costumes). You only need to pay once, so all the pressure is gone and at the same time you will have access to everyone without the need of microtransactions. This just works perfectly for me. The only downside is that you take a big risk paying up front, but luckily basically all B2P MMORPGs released so far were really good.

    There are also MMORPGs that are a mix of F2P and B2P, where you can play the first 20% of the game for free but then buy "expansions" to get access to more dungeons and stuff. I like that model too. Many people don't like having to pay for dungeons, but for me it works out just well. Once you bought an expansion you can use it forever. If they want me to pay more for their game they need to put in some effort and release new content.
  • PawsPaws Purr RPGamer Staff
    edited August 2014
    Can I vote somewhere between a mixed bag and good on the whole? ;) They definitely are a mixed bag, but if you're willing to do a minimal amount of research (aka, google-fu for 5-15 minutes) you can usually discard the worst offenders and be left with ones that are generally well-received. I've played and enjoyed all three models (P2P, B2P, F2P) myself.
  • Zeboyd GamesZeboyd Games Member Full Members
    edited August 2014
    Path of Exile is really good since the paid stuff is pretty much all just costumes & visual effects that you can safely ignore.
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  • OcelotOcelot is not declawed RPGamer Staff
    edited August 2014
    Marvel Heroes 2015 is also pretty good. I've been enjoying it (apparently the game wasn't that great when it came out, but has gotten a lot better). Feels like some devs get how to do free-to-play well, but many are stuck in the old ways of trying to exploit the psychology of the userbase or failing to add enough interesting new content to persistant world FTP games after they launch.
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  • LordKaiserLordKaiser Gaming Freedom Full Members
    edited August 2014
    Depends on the MMO. Because F2P are in greater numbers you will have to filter out P2W ones that like many here says it place essential stuff behind a pay-wall. Taking the trash apart we have a mix bag of good and bad ones who many are pay to advance type and others like PSO2 (before being being locked out by yahoo.jp for not being on Verizon or WTC that accept the internet route with the /25 prefix.) PS02 has a cash shop and there they place additional MAGs and other booster items. Things that are behind a pay-wall includes:The items on the Ark cash shop, Additional skill tress so you can make different builds of the same class and change them at will, permanent character modifications, Extra storage rental, Premium status that includes My shop rental, My room rental and a premium space that is independent from the normal lobby fill up. Also a lottery where you will costumes that are rotated each 2 weeks along with accessories.

    There's a free lottery where you can win a 3 day shop pass so you can sell your items and a 3 my room pass where you can enter your room and customize it at will. (I have 26 of these.) You can also get some accessories here as well. (Costumes and Accessories are for looks only in this game.)

    There's a misconception that P2P games always get more content and support than F2P but this is not always the case as Episode 3 of PSO2 comes charged. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=af7jKPW7ms8

    Also there's not difference between many P2P MMO's and F2P ones except that F2P allows you to play for free in exchange of being a little restricted but that simply means that it'll take longer for you to find your stuff. But in both of them if you want to play unrestricted you'll have to pay anyways. So it's just a matter if you pay a monthly fee or you just pay premium on a F2P game for lets say 1 month without compromise but w8 yeah there's another difference. In P2P you must pay without fail and in F2P you only pay when you need the premium features.

    Also you will find good and trash players in both and in P2P particularly you'll find people who treats the game as a job from what I've heard on my PSN FL.
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  • Rya_ReisenderRya_Reisender Solipsist Snowflake Full Members
    edited August 2014
    People in P2P/B2P MMORPGs are generally nicer from my impression. Also a big advantage of P2P is is that the game isn't designed around thinking how to get player to pay for cash shop items. So for example the difficulty is often much more well-balanced.

    But I still prefer F2P/B2P simply because of non-existance of a time limit.

    Of course there are also F2P MMORPG with time limits, like if you buy an item in the item shop it will only last x days and then be gone again. I avoid those as well.
    Feels like some devs get how to do free-to-play well, but many are stuck in the old ways of trying to exploit the psychology of the userbase or failing to add enough interesting new content to persistant world FTP games after they launch.
    More like: They are intentionally stuck in the "old ways" because the "old ways" mean more money. Unfortunately the fastest way to make money in the MMORPG world is to release a new MMORPG every year and milk out the customers with P2W items and then when hardly any players are left, close it and open a new MMORPG and do the same.

    People who do an F2P MMORPGs well always sacrifice income. Of course there are other benefits, like being more liked by players, getting a good name as MMORPG developer and not having to develop new MMORPGs constantly. But it won't make you rich.
  • JuMeSynJuMeSyn Code: Kirin Administrators
    edited August 2014
    Results? Results.
    Usually not worth the time 366 57.28%
    A mixed bag 222 34.74%
    Pretty good on the whole 27 4.23%
    Great stuff 24 3.76%
    Total Votes 639
    It's not what he's eating, but what's eating him that makes it ... sort of interesting.
  • Rya_ReisenderRya_Reisender Solipsist Snowflake Full Members
    edited August 2014
    What surprised me a little is that most people voted "usually not worth the time".

    If you're in MMORPG communities there seems to be a strong tendency for F2P MMORPGs and only around 10% of the forum users prefer P2P over F2P.

    But I guess the poll also refers to mobile games, so I guess I can see it there. "In-app purchases available" is a good sign that the game is bad.
  • TheRevolverTheRevolver Member Full Members
    edited September 2014
    I think it is a Great stuff??? hm. because from its title itself its free. its like playing without wasting any money. but it also depends on the game because sometimes those games that are free to play sucks.
  • AurianAurian Member Full Members
    edited September 2014
    Or the beginning is good to hook you in, and then you hit a wall unless you pay $$$.

    There is a difference between paying money to unlock a chapter of a story and paying money because you need gems to buy some randomized crap hoping to get something to help you progress, or you need to pay real money for some fake money because you don't have time to grind 10 years :p
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