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RPG Backtrack - Episode 131: Infinite Inapplicability

JuMeSynJuMeSyn Code: KirinAdministrators
edited November 2014 in Latest Updates
Dealing with games made by tri-Ace usually requires a bit of effort, and in recent years it hasn't gotten any easier. Maybe this attempt to make sense of Infinite Undiscovery and Resonance of Fate is successful, and maybe it isn't, but at least the result should be informative.
Careful about wishing on the moon.
It's not what he's eating, but what's eating him that makes it ... sort of interesting.


  • XR2XR2 Member Full Members
    edited November 2014
    I played Infinite Undiscovery back when it was fairly new. I really liked the integration of combat with exploration. My best memory is running down a mountain fighting enemies with a dragon perched on top slinging fire down. Some of the environments were pretty too.

    On the other hand, I remeber almost nothing about any of there characters beyond he main character and the annoying kids. I also never could get a handle on when the moon was chained to the planet. This would also seem to have a significant effect on what a moon phase means, but that is also never addressed. It was like this was their neat idea, but they didn't think it through at all.

    One of these days TriAce will figure out they need to hire a skilled writer, and I eagerly await that day.
  • FrankgrizzlyFrankgrizzly New Member Full Members
    edited November 2014
    Hey guys before I talk about the actual episode I would like to thank everyone responsible for this podcast as it kicks much butt. It is hands down my favorite podcast and is something I have listened too every work day for the last couple months or so. I am lucky to have a job where I can basically listen to you guys all day long at work, with some music interjections here and there. This podcast has me fully addicted and have listened to the entire backlog now, and I can say it feels good to have cleared at least one backlog in my life, kind of. I even listened to quite a few episodes twice now, and they are just as awesome. The Rpg Backtrack has great re-playability, much like my favorite game FFVI (I know its everyones favorite but damnit I don't care). My favorite episodes are the disgaea episode, shadow hearts, super robot taisen, illusion of gaia, and the saGa episodes.
    Phil you are a genuinely funny dude with a will to create art in many forms, that I wish I had. I feel like if we met at work or something and found out each other loves rpgs, and that we both love a nice beer, we would get along awesomely. Also I totally would of joined your RPG Trek if I didn't totally miss the boat on that.
    Mike you are a super cool and interesting dude, and listening to you and reading your reviews its easy to tell that you are an intelligent guy with a really creative mind. I honestly really enjoy your content alot, as not many have your passion. Bonus: My favorite Mike intro is the first dragon quest episode where you make everyone talk the olde english, and its hilarious. Favorite outro is the FFIX where you tell everyone to just go watch blade runner because everyone is replicants. That is exactly what I thought and that made me laugh for days.
    I wanted to say what I like about everyone who goes on the backtrack, but thats too much thinking for now, sorry haha. You guys/gals deserve the props though because you all kick much butt. Keep on kicking.

    Infinite undiscovery was game I played and forgot. I played it in this weird period where I got a xbox360 for cheap but hadn't yet bought a ps3, so I played it just because. I liked the crafting. Resonance of fate was a refreshing next gen(at the time) game that I quite enjoyed. The battle system was really something to get knee deep in, and I most enjoyed the weird, quirky, and funny scenario things and side quests you do. On a side note, these little "tastes of quirky Japan"(I don't know what to call it) are what I most missed in FFXIII, even though I am still a big fan of XIII for its own merits. Anyways, overall I say UI is a pass unless you only own a 360, and RoF is a must play forsure. Thanks again guys keep it up!
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