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RPGCast - Episode 349: "We Like That Noise In Japanese"

sabin1001sabin1001 Man vs. Slime, the fourth type of conflictMadison, WIAdministrators
RPGCast - Episode 349: "We Like That Noise In Japanese"

Chris has to finish writing this summary so he can start building his new PC. So....the folks talk about E3 and some stuff and amiibos and um...ooo there's the new processor. Uh...FFXIV is on sale and um...oh the video card!

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  • QuinQuin ne cede malis RPGamer Staff

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  • ChaosDroneChaosDrone New Member Full Members
    Manny was spot on this week.

    I have a $200+ device and I refuse to buy games more expensive than a dollar. Why are there no real games for this system!

    If you want more real RPGs for the system pay for the ones that are out already.
  • VictarVictar Member Full Members
    I want to play the "how much money can we get Chris to spend in a single RPGcast" game too!

    I'm pretty sure I heard you guys say good things about Pushmo/Crashmo on the 3DS before, which is partly why I tried Stretchmo. Stretchmo has a weird pricing system, but the entire bundle for $10 seems reasonable. The puzzles so far are short but fun.

    (Did I persuade Chris to spend $10 yet?)

    About the Mario game in Puzzle & Dragons & Mario - I'm in world 7, and it seems like the required grinding to progress in the main game is minimal IF you know what you're doing (or read a FAQ/message boards) and IF you use the Boo Brothers exclusively once they're unlocked. Enemies just have too much HP if one doesn't take advantage of the Boo Brothers' innate attack-boosting abilities.
  • Strawberry EggsStrawberry Eggs Familiar Change Administrators
    edited June 2015
    The story about how Final Fantasy got its name is starting to remind me of of how Toru Iwatani changed his story about how he thought up of Pac-Man. I once read that the Final Fantasy name supposedly referred to the fact that it could have been Hironobu Sakaguchi's last video game. If Final Fantasy flopped, he would quit making games and go back to school.
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  • BudaiBudai Paladin Full Members
    Just disregard my call if it doesn't come out right. I went to hang up and it look like I had it on hold. So no telling what lame call I just sent in. :)
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