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RPGCast - Episode 351: "E3 2015: Fallout Sheltered Life"

sabin1001sabin1001 Man vs. Slime, the fourth type of conflictMadison, WIAdministrators
RPGCast - Episode 351: "E3 2015: Fallout Sheltered Life"

XSEED and Natsume make up. Chris rubs his sore feet. Emmanuel's ear drums get blown out by a Shenmue fan. Alex is STILL posting stories. And Alice sleeps through it all. E3 2015 came and went and we talk about it for...wait...I think we're still recording.

You can find the links to all our stories on delicious: http://delicious.com/rpgamer/351

RPGCast streams live on Saturday at Noon Eastern / 9 AM Pacific.

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  • JCServantJCServant Certified Polygameist RPGamer Staff
    Awesome show! Both E3 and the podcast :) There was so much in this e3 that RPGamers and even retrogamers, like myself, could find to like, here. Its the first time I can recall feeling compelled to discuss numerous E3 announcements on RPGBacktrack! Needless to say, its a great time to be an RPGamer :)
    Co-Host on RPGBacktrack. Follow me on Twitter and sub to my blog if you would like!
  • SeraphimKittenSeraphimKitten President of Soft Paws Full Members
    In response to Chris's "You're not here for us, you're here for RP game information" comment: I don't think so. There's one game every other year that catches my eye, and I think I could ask Anna very nicely to give me a heads up when a TRPG is announced and I could safely skip the podcast. I listen for Anna, Simone, Sophie, Mr. Paws, and the other people who show up whose names are eluding me at the moment. Do we have an Alex and an Alice now, and are they both British? When did Manny come back? You put a lot of your heart and soul into the news and video games, and I don't want to take away from that, but I'm still looking forward to the day when you cut that part out in favor of something more interesting.
  • VictarVictar Member Full Members
    Regarding "The Bard's Tale" from episode #350...

    "The Bard's Tale" (no subtitle) PS2/Xbox/PC game is a sequel to The Bard's Tale CRPG trilogy in name only. "The Bard's Tale" was made by a completely different development team; it's an action-RPG, unlike the turn-based CRPGs, and its story has no connection to the CRPG stories.

    The CRPG "Dragon Wars" is the spiritual sequel to the "Bard's Tale" CRPG trilogy. It was made by some of the same people, who couldn't use the Bard's Tale name due to legal issues. Its story is unconnected, but its gameplay is similar to the Bard's Tale trilogy, only with more skills and puzzles.

    Thank you for the information about the Bard's Tale IV Kickstarter.

    Did you see the kickstarted RPG Shiness at E3? Their Kickstarter update says they planned to be at the Budgames stand.
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