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RPG Backtrack - Episode 150: Say Hello to My Little Wanzer

JuMeSynJuMeSyn Code: KirinAdministrators
The Wanzer is a human-piloted mech with enormous versatility. People piloting these devices are central to a series that spans many years and console generations, with an unfortunately high number that never crossed the Pacific, but something linking almost all the Front Mission games is that they provide a good dose of tactical action.
Also, they blow up real good.
It's not what he's eating, but what's eating him that makes it ... sort of interesting.


  • BudaiBudai Paladin Full Members
    edited September 2015
    Just started this episode. Cool intro.

    I also bought front mission 4 from the bargain bin or just a few dollars. I haven't touched it. I feared I would start it up and drop it for something else, so I'm going to wait for the right time.
  • D-ChapD-Chap New Member Full Members
    Ah Puzzle Quest- finally a game my company worked on (1st Playable)! Since the original PC release got delayed, the DS 'port' we made was actually the first version released, which was very cool for us.
    I remember trying to track down a copy to play before my interview and it was incredibly difficult for some reason. We've since tried to remedy that by releasing it on DSiWare.

    As for Front Mission 3, my only experience is playing the demo that came with... I think Vagrant Story? It was a huge demo which took me all afternoon to play through. I definitely regret not getting into this series, perhaps if more people had supported it Square wouldn't have kept half the games Japan-only. According to Hardcore Gaming 101, 2 is excellent and 5 is the pinnacle of the series, so it's a shame we never got those in the west.
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