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Strategy RPG like Dark Wizard and Ogre Battle

Can anyone recommend a Strategy RPG like Dark Wizard and Ogre Battle? It doesn't have to be on a recent console.


  • Phillip WillisPhillip Willis Certified Polygameist RPGamer Staff
    edited September 2015
    Dark Wizard? Isn't that a Sega CD game? Daaang. Yeah, I skipped that console. However, I did enjoy Ogre Battle on the SNES. Sadly, there's no game quite like Ogre Battle, outside of the well-received Ogre Battle 64 (Available on N64 and Wii Shop). A pity, really.

    With that said, I do enjoy other SRPGs from Final Fantasy Tactics to the Disgaea Series, as well as RTS games such as Starcraft II. Finding good hybrids, like Ogre Battle, is easier said then done, however. The Warlords Battlecry and Spellforce series try, for example, by using a hero character to lead your forces that levels up between battles... but it still ends up feeling most like a typical RTS to me.
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  • tootbrushtootbrush Member Full Members
    There's always the Fire Emblem and Shining Force franchises, but the Heroes of Might & Magic series is probably closer to what you're asking, gameplay-wise, than those two. On the strategy map you gallop around with your heroes and their armies, gathering resources/treasure and conquering cities (where you can hire additional heroes and troops). If you encounter mob armies/rival AI heroes, you enter a separate battle screen.

    It has a couple of derivatives as well, like the Disciples series, the Age of Wonders series and Etherlords.
    There's also the recent King's Bounty series (and Etherlords 2), if you don't care about the strategy layer and want just tactical battles and progression.
  • SeraphimKittenSeraphimKitten President of Soft Paws Full Members
    Tactics Ogre and Final Fantasy Tactics are great if you want a TRPG instead of an SRPG. I wish I knew of more games like Ogre Battle, I'd be playing them instead of typing here. Ogre Battle 64 is on the Wii Virtual Console if you haven't tried it out yet.

    JCServant suggested Starcraft 2 as an RTS. I think Starcraft 2 and Warcraft 3 might fill that SRPG need, though they're definitely RTSs with RPG elements in them. You have up to three heroes, they level (with the cap raised each campaign), and items carry on between levels. In between the campaigns you'll end up with new heroes, but often still see what the old heroes were up to. For Warcraft 3, you'll keep the same main hero for two of the campaigns, so that's nice. The Frozen Throne Expansion adds more campaigns and content, and also a different game mode that's more like an action RPG where you control three heroes, but the RTS element is gone. (Just for that one game mode). If you want the SRPG feel, don't go back to Warcraft 1, Warcraft 2, or Starcraft 1: those early iterations of the game don't offer the RPG elements.

    And if you find anything, report back! Ogre Battle has some of the most interesting gameplay I've seen in years, I'd love to get more of that without having to go and program them myself.
  • Mike MoehnkeMike Moehnke Code: Kirin Administrators
    While I wasn't blown away or anywhere close, Brigandine reminded me a little bit of Dark Wizard. I should also note that some other people around here love it to pieces, so you may get more involved than I did.
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  • TheAnimeManTheAnimeMan Member Full Members
    I'm with JuMe, Brigandine is fun but can be a little daunting.

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  • DillesDilles Full Members
    edited September 2015
    Dark Wizard is a great game, Psychotron. I spent countless hours playing it and the four characters and their corresponding storylines were great.

    The game that best mimics its design in my opinion is Battle for Wesnoth. It has several campaigns to begin with, and a healthy modding community which drives further player made campaigns. The icing on the cake? It's free to download legally.

    The graphics are also of the eras quality as well. Very well polished game.
  • PimpaliciousPimpalicious Member Full Members
    Closest thing I've played to Ogre Battle is Dragon Force on the Saturn.

  • PsychotronPsychotron Member Full Members
    Sounds great! I'm going to go look all of them up. Thanks.
  • scorpio_7scorpio_7 Tactics Ogre, I choose u! Full Members
    Soul Nomad has a ogre Battle flare to it.


    Not sure if it is categorized as good or garbage, but I did get enjoyment out of it back in the day.
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  • Here are some others that might fit the bill:

    Shining Force - I, II, III and CD
    Warsong (the first in the Langrisser series - the only one of the early ones to get a release in the u.s. - although you really don't need to read Japanese to play them - there are two Japanese PS 1 releases that cover four of the games between them)
    Master of Monsters (Genesis version - avoid the PS 1 version like the plague)
    Vandal Hearts I & II
    Vanguard Bandits
    Mystaria (aka Blazing Heroes)

    Also of interest (although not an RPG) is Nectaris (PS 1) - contains a whopping 104 battles - with the added advantage that you can replay any one of the battles repeatedly so you can try different strategies. It also doesn't go for much on ebay so it is one of the best PS1 titles value wise. (This is part of the Military Madness series from the turbo grafx days.)
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