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RPG Backtrack - Episode 154: Delta Force

JuMeSynJuMeSyn Code: KirinAdministrators
Being a spy probably isn't easy, but Alpha Protocol makes it look that way in certain regards. Some of what Obsidian tried to do with the game is admirable, while other things just baffle the player.
Turrets are not fun.
It's not what he's eating, but what's eating him that makes it ... sort of interesting.


  • BudaiBudai Paladin Full Members
    I bought this cheap, and had fun with it. I really liked playing hand combat, it was very satisfying. But I still needed pistols to get through ranged enemies. But obsidian is really good with stories. I had less bugs then the average gamer I guess.
  • TexsideTexside Member Full Members
    I've been catching up on my podcasts. Thank you for the compliment last episode! I try to be a cool guy, and Mike did in fact take one for the team. They were fun to listen to as always, and these makes the commute and workday better.

    I've listened to a bunch since I had a chance to comment and can't hit them all, but:
    - The Sam and Scott Hurry Everyone Up Show was hilarious.
    - I liked listening to Scott and Mike talk about System Shock 2. It's not the kind of game that I'd normally play, but it's nice to hear about it and get thoughts about it!
    - Front Mission is a series I've always had a soft spot for. I remember playing FM3; I think I should track down FM4 at some point and give it a spin. I should also play FM3 a second time. I liked the worldbuilding and everything -- and especially the kinda funny, mid-late 1990's take on the internet and how it worked.
    - Really, really looking forward to the episode on Lunar. I'm excited, that's one of my favorites.

    Lastly, I have a question for Phil. With winter sales fast approaching, I wanna try my hand at some Might and Magic, as well as Heroes of Might and Magic. Heroes 7 isn't a good entry point. Is there a game that's good to start with? Heck, are there a few retro games we should absolutely keep an eye on when the holiday sales begin?
  • JCServantJCServant Certified Polygameist RPGamer Staff
    I'm gald yer having fun with the 'cast, Texside! It's good to know we entertain a few out there!

    As far as Heroes of Might and Magic, I would recommend spending some time with 2, and then move onto three once yer bored. HOMM1 is just too old skool for most, including a fanboy like myself. The 2nd game's graphics are pretty darn low res, but colorful and full of character. There different races you can play have such drastic differences, that you have to learn to play differently with each on to maximize your effectiveness. HOMM3 brings the graphics up to a higher resolution. The sides feel a bit more...balanced, but it still pays to use a different approach based on their units and heroes.

    Both games have a TON of content. You can spend dozens of hours just finishing one of the two campaigns in HOMM2...and HOMM3...well, if you include ALL the expansions and Heroes Chronicles, yer looking at hundreds, if not a thousands plus.

    Many feel the series hit its pinnacle at HOMM3, and I agree, but I also enjoyed HOMM4 and 5, despite some weaknesses that crept into the series at that point. However, I have not much cared for HOMM6, and HOMM7's reviews have convinced me that the series needs a reboot (or to be taken from Ubi).

    Checking GoG, the price for HOMM 1-5 (including Heroes: Chronicles) is about $45. WELL worth it. However, they are doing the Fall sale, of if yer patient, it might pop up at a lower price.

    As far as Might & Magic...I have not put quite as much time into it, but I did enjoy what little time I spent with M&M 4+5 (Worlds of Xeen), M&M 6 and M&M7. The older ones didn't really interest me, however. Expect massive worlds, little hand holding (Bring a FAQ) and plenty of option in building your team.

    As far as what to watch out for with the GoG sale going on...great question! Here are my personal top 5, in order..
    * Wizardry 8
    * Witcher Series
    * Baldur's Gate Series
    * Elder Scrolls III- Morrowind
    * Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

    Of course, I have a LOT more that I love there... but you sounded like you wanted a somewhat short list of the best.
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  • TexsideTexside Member Full Members
    edited November 2015
    Awesome! This is super handy. I stuck 'em on my wishlist, and I'm gonna see what comes up on sale now and over the holidays.

    I've always wanted to try HoMM. I'm a big fan of tactical RPGs and I also like strategy games; Civilization, Galactic Civilizations, Age of Wonders, and games like those have always grabbed me a lot. But, with so many games (and hearing warnings about 6 and now 7), it was hard to know where to jump in on. I'll take your advice and start with 2!

    I'll also take a swing at those others, too; KOTOR has been a bad oversight on my part, and I never did Baldur's Gate. Do you recommend the Enhanced Edition or naw?
  • BudaiBudai Paladin Full Members
    Wizardry 8 is like party building heaven. You have six characters and so many different ways you can customize them.
  • JCServantJCServant Certified Polygameist RPGamer Staff
    Texside wrote: »
    I'll also take a swing at those others, too; KOTOR has been a bad oversight on my part, and I never did Baldur's Gate. Do you recommend the Enhanced Edition or naw?
    It's funny you should ask. I played the original a couple of time, but never the EE. The initial reviews pointed out bugs and the extra content added did not seem worth the asking price. Higher res support for the original game was easily obtained via a fan patch.

    However, I *just* picked up BG1, BG2 and Icewind Dale EE's on that GoG sale yer lookin' at. They had all three together for the normal price of one (about $20). Aside from the extra content, many of the bugs have been addressed (according to the user reviews and comments). So, at that lower price, I'm willing to give them a shot. That particular bundle has since expired, however, it is not unusual for GoG to bring back all of the bundles/sales on the last day... so they may be back.
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  • TexsideTexside Member Full Members
    Hey, good to know! I'll definitely keep an eye out for that bundle, then, because that sounds like a steal to me.
  • JCServantJCServant Certified Polygameist RPGamer Staff
    edited November 2015
    The D&D EE Bundle is back up for sale...at least for 46 more hours as of this post :) The HOMM bundle with 1-5, has also hit again...for about 22 hours.
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  • VictarVictar Member Full Members
    I saw an interesting article about Night Dive Games, the company that brought back System Shock 2 and other ancient computer games, including RPGs, to the general public.


    The sad part is how often they run into a wall when they either can't track down the legal rights to a game, or can't work with the legal rights holders for some reason.
  • TexsideTexside Member Full Members
    I saw the bundles go up! I nabbed HoMM already. I'll give you a report of what I think when I fire up HoMM2 tonight or tomorrow. I'm excited!
  • JCServantJCServant Certified Polygameist RPGamer Staff
    Nice!!! I'm excited for you!! I can't wait to hear more!!
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  • TexsideTexside Member Full Members
    I've had a couple hours to play with HoMM2! Here's some early thoughts.

    1) This is a fantastic game. If I'd gotten this when it came out, I would have been skipping school to play more and doing it all day. Alas, I'm an adult, so I don't think I'll get to really dig into it until this Saturday, but it's marathonable.
    2) Simple structure, lots of depth. I'm appreciating the mix of units; the challenge in leveling my hero and learning what each skill does; the tactical maps that seem easy but will TOTALLY kick you around the battlefield with ease if you're not playing smart.
    3) Old games don't always explain what things do. Lots of trial and error.

    I'm curious, Phil: is the campaign or standard maps what you did most often? I feel like the standard maps are more the way to go to get started, but I liked the bit I played of the campaign so far.
  • JCServantJCServant Certified Polygameist RPGamer Staff
    1) I know, right? I played a lot at work. Portable Lappy FTW.
    2) Ayup. And, when you get bored with the various sides (if possible), you can always mix and match by taking over other towns and recruiting THEIR troops, ROFL.
    3) Make sure you read the instruction material. Older games relied on physical documentation, rather than in depth tutorials, to cover most of the stuff. I recall the pull out posters that HOMM2 and 3 had which showed each units stats and power(s)...very useful.
    4) The campaigns, especially for HOMM2. They feature quite a bit of variety, and I like how your highest heroes usually carry over and slowly level up. However, I think you're doing a good thing doing some skirmishes first to get a feel for the game and which spells/skills prove to be the most useful. That will help you make better choices when you tackle the campaign...where choices tend to be more permanent.
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  • TexsideTexside Member Full Members
    1) For real. Kinda wish my laptop wasn't a Chromebook!
    2) And yeah, I really like that -- I've already ended up with a few other races' units due to Diplomacy.
    3) HOLY WOW, that's a like 120 page instruction manual. Great tip! I need to actually read through some of this, especially as I play. They don't make instruction manuals like this anymore!
    4) Good call! I've gotten a bit of the hang of it. I'll keep playing and learn more as I go in the campaign, and really dig into that this weekend. I'll keep the updates coming!
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