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Princesses of the Pizza Parlor - Pathfinder fiction

GaijinMonogatariGaijinMonogatari RPGamer StaffRPGamer Staff
edited December 2015 in Saving Throw Gaming
Since this section of the forum's been pretty much dead for the last seven months, I was wondering if anyone would mind if I posted some fiction here?

Background: last summer, I spent my vacation with the family in Hawaii, and I got my niece hooked on the trump deck version of the Game of Life. The way we were playing it, we had to out-do each other in ridiculous life stories based on whatever random cards we picked up. Much fun was had by all, especially when my little brother extemporized his own version of the Odyssey at the end of a game where we were feuding over who had actually discovered Bigfoot... but I digress.

A couple weeks after that, I was half asleep and letting my imagination go nuts, when the thought occurred to me: what would I do if my niece decided she wanted to try a tabletop RPG with her friends, and I got roped into being the GM because no one else in the family knew the first thing about it? This thought led to another, and then another, and by the first week of November, I had a 20k word first episode finished.

So... the problem being that, though I own the sourcebook for Pathfinder (and referred to it a lot), I've never actually run a D&D or Pathfinder game before. Almost all my experience with tabletop stuff was either organized by someone else, or so ridiculously homebrew that even I wasn't sure what all the rules were on any given day.

Basically, I'm asking if anyone would mind me posting the thing in chunks on here and then letting you all tell me just how many things I got wrong, >_<


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