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RPG Backtrack - Episode 158: Over the Border

JuMeSynJuMeSyn Code: KirinAdministrators
The world of Borderlands continues to revolve heavily around shooting things while Claptrap entertains. In the second game, hitting kneecaps and areas other than the face proves advantageous, for the benefit of those without great FPS skill.
Go meet Handsome Jack.
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  • TheMaddnessTheMaddness Inmate Full Members
    UGH. Before I start, I just want it to be known that you guys dragged me out of bed to come post this, instead of sleeping, So when im nursing a sleep-deprivation headache in a few hours I just want you all to know I blame you.
    Now, I have played a ludicrous amount of Borderlands 2 somewhere around 240 hours on 360, and going at 91 on PC, and Ive played every character, so I think I have a fair bit of experience.
    You guys are SO off base on how viable Krieg is, my only explanation is that you have some sort of weird bias against him, especially since you took like 5 minutes out of the podcast specifically just to take a dump on him. Doubly weird because Zer0 is a fairly Melee Centric Character as well, and you barely mentioned him at all. Anyone listening to this would think the Psycho character was somehow reduced to using melee only by how you downplay him using guns as well as the other character, As if the variety of guns he cold use was limited because his Melee gets a massive power up, when thats simply not the case.
    Guess what? Every one of Kriegs Ability Trees is tailored To using at least some type of gun. Zer0s arguably are better for switching freely between range and melee, but thats not really the point. The Hellborn tree makes Using all kinds of elemental weapons, including one Skill thats pretty much copies the same Effect that completely BROKE the Siren class in Borderlands 1. Theres even a skill that turns your melee Attack into gottdang FLAMETHROWER for crying out loud!
    The Mania tree is the one that really focuses on regular melee attacks, And even that kind of pales next to the fact that those same skills also decrease your action skill cooldown, Give you potentially something like 2X the total health of other characters, boost Shotgun damage, And Explosion damage, for those Torgue and Tediore guns you love so much. And even then WHO CARES, At that point with your action skill, your melee is outdamaging rocket launchers even with the boost, as well completely refilling your health on a kill, and you can do it at range anyway!
    The Bloodlust tree has a stack mechanic similar to Gaiges, but it increase a lot more areas then bullet power. It also can massively increase your magazine size( Hey, magazine! LIKE ON A GUN), which can also exponentially increase your damage with tediore weapons, as well as grenades, assault rifles, and other things as well as melee.

    Basically, with just a little bit of strategy, Krieg is greatly powerful character who can put out a lot of damage as well as rapidly heal himself and become super hard to kill. He's definitely a better character for someone whos already played the game before, but that just means you have to paln a little before you go off your rocker and murder the hell out of everything on screen.
    Letme put it this way, ive played every character and out of the 6, guess which three ive managed to solo Terramorphous with? Yeah, Zer0, Salvador and KRIIIIIEG.
    Gaige is definitely the best character though. Dat snort laff.
    Also has the best dialogue. Gaige>Zer0>Krieg>everyone else for dialogue

    Now that that out of the way, might as well drop a few general critiques.You guys kind of skipped over discussing any changes in the game from BL1, and really only skimmed the mechanics at all. I know you already did a Borderlands 1 backtrack, but if youre going to suggest 2 over it, you should kind of put more effort into explaining why, and where the big improvements are. Also still peeved no one took me up on my party invitation I made way back on the BL1 Backtrack. But im not bitter or anything!

    Backtrack is still my favorite RPGamer podcast, but you guys have been slipping a bit. If you dont step it up, Q&AQuest is going to steal your title!
    P.S: I love your new intro!
  • TheMaddnessTheMaddness Inmate Full Members
    Really Really!
  • BudaiBudai Paladin Full Members
    edited January 2016
    Well Sam did ask for someone to tell her on the forums lol
  • TheMaddnessTheMaddness Inmate Full Members
    Cant say they didnt ask for it
  • JCServantJCServant Certified Polygameist RPGamer Staff
    Truedat :) Glad you enjoyed the cast, TM. Hopefully a few others did, as well. It's a fun game.
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