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Trails of Cold Steel or Fire Emblem Fates?

KaelusKaelus New MemberFull Members
The title really says it all. Give a guy some advice?


  • LordKaiserLordKaiser Gaming Freedom Full Members
    Trails of Cold Steel over the poorly localized FEF or anything localized by Nintendo's infamous Treehouse team.

    You may want to start with Trails in the Sky thought.
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  • StrawberryEggsStrawberryEggs Familiar Change Administrators
    This is going to be a non-answer, but if you can't get both now, you can also get one of them, then the other later. You can't go wrong either way. Mind you that I haven't played Trails, or even have the platforms to play it on. I am loving Fates, though. Depends on if you're more in the mood for a more traditional JRPG for a strategy RPG.
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