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What Should Nyx Play for #JRPGJuly?

NyxNyx Staff Girly GirlRPGamer Staff
Hey guys! So #JRPGJuly is coming up, and I am admittedly stumped as to what I should play as my main game for the event. Last year I spent the month mostly playing Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana on PS2, and it was great fun (on top of some JRPGs I was reviewing at the time). Here's a few titles I am considering for the event, and I'd love some feedback if you've played any of them. Most of these are games I'd be starting from scratch, though I have two titles on here were I have somewhat started them and could just continue along.

Okage: Shadow King (PS2 Classic, via PS4)
Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny (PS2)
Rogue Galaxy (PS2)
Persona Q (3DS)
Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines (Vita)
Dragon Quest IX (DS)* (about six hours in)
Digimon: Cyber Sleuth (Vita)* (Prologue completed)
Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon (GBA)

It's one of those, I am not sure what I am in the mood for, but I'd like it to be something I could possibly finish within the month. All of these popped into my head because they were all on the brain for some reason or another. Give me your opinions!


  • ChickenGodChickenGod Overdosing Heavenly Bliss Moderators
    Interesting selection of games to choose from there. Here's my breakdown of a few of them:

    Persona Q: This game is LONG! Partially because dungeon crawlers like this tend to take awhile, and compounded by the fact that individual battles take longer than the average turn based RPG. You can use a certain character's instant death attacks to speed things along, but if they aren't to your liking then godspeed. I have it listed as 80+ hours WITH instant death abuse, for what its worth. You could still beat it, and its tons of fun to make your own team out of P3/4 characters.

    Oreshika: This is a fairly aimless game that probably wouldn't see completion without a guide. Back when I was trying to give it a chance, I became so frustrated with the labyrinths that I actually mapped some of them out with graphing paper. Its gimmick of making a new generation of characters every so often is extremely interesting, but little more than that unless you have the luck of the devil and manage to have fairly decent looking characters more than 1/4th of the time. This is one I'd only go for if you're looking for something unique and weird to dabble in.

    Cyber Sleuth: A decent candidate for this in my opinion. Its got an intriguing atmosphere about it and customizing your team of Digimon in battle is seamless and fun. The translation isn't too good, but otherwise its a game that is clean and simple fun without being too overbearing.

    Atelier Iris 2: Another good choice especially as it ties in well with Iris 1 last year. To be honest I don't remember much about it even though I've started it like 4 times and beaten it once. It was a good sleep aid for me at night.

  • smacdsmacd Full Members
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  • Mike MoehnkeMike Moehnke Code: Kirin Administrators
    I enjoyed DQ9, but either Atelier Iris 2 (before you have a chance to completely forget the first one) or Shining Force (to see if you like any of them at all) would be my recommendations. Persona Q is enjoyable, but I don't know if you'll want to tackle the whole thing in one go - it's a big sucker.
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  • PimpaliciousPimpalicious Member Full Members
    DQ9 and Shining Force are the only games of that list I've finished. Both are pretty good and should be able to be finished in a month.

    Oreshika is an interesting game but I got sidetracked away from it. From what I played it seemed like it can be a big grind but there are several settings for the difficulty/speed of the game. So I'd say a maybe on this one.

    I either didn't know or forgot that JRPGJuly is a thing. I'm thinking of starting Okage soon myself, which I hear is quite short but I haven't played it yet.
  • flamethrowerflamethrower Member Full Members
    Shining Force is not really up to modern standards. The main issue is time spent waiting for:
    1) Cursor scrolling
    2) Action animations
    It is best played on an emulator where there's a fast forward key, which alleviates these issues.

    My vote is for Rogue Galaxy.
  • VictarVictar Member Full Members
    I'll recommend Okage Shadow King over the others, because its story is a twist on the classic JRPG fantasy narrative we've all seen dozens of times. There's a lot of humor, but a few serious moments also.

    The down side is that Okage does require some grinding and has a soft level cap. It's always 100 xp to the next level, so generally if battles give less than 10-20 xp, it's time to stop grinding and advance the story.

    There are relationship values in Okage, which are influenced by almost every choice you make, but there's no "bad" path... just pick the answers you like the most.
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