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2016 - A Year of Themes - July - Legend of Zelda

redwing42redwing42 Classic Console JunkieFull Members
While there is sometimes discussion about how RPG-ish they really are, we will finally be looking at the Legend of Zelda games this month. Dating back to the original NES classic, there have been eighteen official games released on 11 consoles over 30 years, with Breath of the Wind on a new console next year. This is not including the CD-i or Game and Watch games, which are barely games and certainly not canon. The games themselves have had varying degrees of traditional RPG components to them, often changing from title to title, but all have a sense of adventure and exploration to them. While the protagonist of each game is named Link, this is not the same character from game to game, but different people (in most cases) each named Link. There has been an official timeline released to clarify the connections between the games, but the short version is that Ocarina of Time is the pivotal game in the series, from which three separate timelines branch.

Being a SEGA kid growing up, I missed out on most of the Zelda titles over the years. The original was the first game I actually bought for the NES (having received other games as gifts), and I enjoyed the sequel as well before taking an extended break from Nintendo consoles until the Wii. I have gone back to get a handful of these games, through the power of remasters and the Virtual Console, but I have a large pool to choose from if I want to clear one of two off of my backlog. I will certainly make a quick runthrough of the original, which I can 100% in a few hours from memory (the Second Quest is still brutal, though). I will try to go after one of the others that I haven't gotten too as well. I did try Link's Awakening a while back and found it pretty unbearable, though, so I'm hoping for better from whichever game I do decide on.

Whichever timeline you choose to go down, make sure you grab your Master Sword and Triforce to accompany you. Enjoy!


  • smacdsmacd Full Members
    I started up Minish Cap on the WiiU a couple days ago. I never owned a GBA for some reason, and it was expensive on the second hand market by the time I got a DS. This game is great on the WiiU gamepad. I always wanted to play this game, as I love 2D Zelda and it was one of the ones I just never got to play.

    So far though, I'm a bit underwhelmed. The design is fine, but the world feels small and the shrinking gimmick isn't particularly appealing to me. I've finished the first two temples so far though, and just found the Pegasus Boots, so I'm trying to figure out how to get to the third one now.
  • smacdsmacd Full Members
    I finished the 3rd and 4th dungeons. For some reason, I don't seem to have gotten whatever elemental item it was for the 3rd dungeon? It doesn't show up when I go to the elemental shrine, but the 4th one does. Maybe that's what is supposed to happen?

    Either way, moving on with the main story. Normally I'd feel compelled to find everything and do everything, but with these kinstone fusions, and statues, and all the other collectables, I'm not finding myself really interested in doing it. I might even not bother getting all the heart pieces. Its not that this isn't a decent Zelda game, maybe I'm just already ready to move on after 10 hours.
  • GaijinMonogatariGaijinMonogatari RPGamer Staff RPGamer Staff
    smacd, it should be apparent pretty soon, but...
    The Wind Element was moved to a different location a long while back.
  • smacdsmacd Full Members
    edited July 2016
    ah that's what I was hoping. I wasn't sure if I missed something or not. Thanks Gaijin

    I pushed forward and I get what you were saying. I'm not sure what that third dungeon was really for then.

    So I made it all the way to the battle with Vaati... when the WiiU gamepad went blinky-red so I had to stop there. I should be finished with the game fairly quickly tomorrow. (The WiiU really isn't built for binge gaming or RPGs, is it? The pad gets what, like 4 hours of charge maybe?)
  • smacdsmacd Full Members
    I wrapped up Minish Cap in about 14.5 hours. I spent more time than I should have on collectables, but ultimately decided (for the first time ever) to not bother trying to get everything in a Zelda game. I have to admit, that it turns out that I wasn't missing much when I missed this game new. I may have liked it better in 2005, but I found it an odd entry in this series and the gimmick wasn't particularly fun. Though I have to wonder if I would like LttP as much if I played it new either.

    I think I'll leave this as my only July game for this series, and go play something else for JRPGJuly. Hopefully someone else squeezes in a Zelda title this month as well.
  • redwing42redwing42 Classic Console Junkie Full Members
    So, I was trying to figure out a good way to mix up my LoZ run this month, and thought I would try a three heart challenge, as I have never done that before. However, it is almost impossible to not get the heart container in the first dungeon. Not sure if I want to restart again, or try to find a different challenge to tackle.
  • PimpaliciousPimpalicious Member Full Members
    Maybe Zelda 2 if I can fit it into this month. Never did beat that one.
  • redwing42redwing42 Classic Console Junkie Full Members
    Zelda 2 is so good, even though Link's dagger is way too short. Once I learned the downthrust, though, I played it pretty much like DuckTales, pogo jumping on everything. I really love the music in that one as well.

    So, in going back to the original game again, I realized that, playing on the 3DS virtual console, I can save state to my heart's content. So, the 3 heart challenge is back on! Went around to get a Blue Ring and Magic Shield before tackling the 1st dungeon again, but then my daughter wanted to give the game a try. So no further progress yet, as I let her mess around with it for a bit. Expect to knock this out by the end of the week, though. Then I may try one of the Oracle games.
  • redwing42redwing42 Classic Console Junkie Full Members
    Gotten through the first three dungeons, and I'm quickly realizing that the 3HC may be a bit more than I was expecting. No problems to this point, but I encountered my first red Darknuts in the third dungeon and can imagine how difficult a room full of blue ones will be with only the wooden sword.
  • redwing42redwing42 Classic Console Junkie Full Members
    My fears were realized with the blue darknuts guarding the whistle in level 5, but I prevailed and have moved on to level 6, where the Wizrobes are a whole different issue.
  • smacdsmacd Full Members
    Nice progress redwing. I don't envy the task. I rarely do challenge runs in games, especially as I get older I remain even more interested in completely overpowering and dominating games rather than the struggle.
  • redwing42redwing42 Classic Console Junkie Full Members
    I think level 6 may have broken my spirit. I'm stuck where there is a room of blue and orange Wizzrobes along with 3 Like-likes, which is then quickly followed by a room with a 3 headed Gleeok. Even with save states, I just can't get past the Gleeok. I'm going to try a couple more times before the end of the month, but it isn't looking good.
  • TheAnimeManTheAnimeMan Member Full Members
    So whats going on with Year of games August?

    28 years of gaming and still going strong
    and now a mostly annoyed Father with first son. And now a father again to a second son :D

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  • smacdsmacd Full Members
    Starting to think there wont be one. August is a pretty empty month before the flood of new games.

    But if there is going to be an August theme, I wouldn't mind knowing it soon. I plan on starting up a new game on Wednesday.
  • redwing42redwing42 Classic Console Junkie Full Members
    I'll write something up later, but with it being a pretty empty month for releases, I will probably just combine August and September as SMT months. Most of those games are long enough that it is tough to get through one in a month anyway.
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