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Ps Vita

Winter9Winter9 NorwayFull Members
I finally got my Vita, yay!

Some remote play questions. Can I use both PS3 and 4 for remote play? If I use PS3 for remote play, can I still easily use the PS4 for remote play later? Titles I want to play are Kingdom Hearts remixes and ICO/Shadow. from PS3. Playstation Now or Remote, or are they the same?


  • smacdsmacd Full Members

    So my understanding regarding remote play, is that anything can remote play from a PS4, but only a small number of PS3 games can remote play, and I THINK you can do any PS1 disc (and possibly PS1 and PS2 classics from PSN?). You should be able to remote play either PS4 or PS3 to the same Vita without issue.

    My only experience with remote play was trying to play Breath of Fire 3 (disc) in my PS3 on my Vita. It didn't control very well at all, it had issues with diagonal movement. But since it wasn't really designed for it... *shrug*

    Here are some lists, not sure how up to date they are, or if they cover all regions
  • Winter9Winter9 NorwayFull Members
    Thanks :) I explored a little. Ps4 remote play worked like a charm! I wanted to see if KH Remix could be played, it could not. But I believe Ico can and that is awesome since the controller for ps3 is awful.
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