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RPGCast - Episode 392: "My Wife Is Easy"

sabin1001sabin1001 Man vs. Slime, the fourth type of conflictMadison, WIAdministrators

RPGCast - Episode 392: "My Wife Is Easy"

This week we tell you how to handle those inconvenient leaks. Alex witches. Chris lawyers. Anna Marie retreats. Kelley arms. Johnathan G-Syncs. But let's be real. None of you are here right now. You're all walking into traffic while playing Pokémon GO.

You can find the show notes here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hLXOun1ZxUP6E_vRgsLTdrSzy7q-h4iCHJt3EDYuKRs/edit?usp=sharing

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Question of the Week:
Pokémon GO? Or Pokémon NO!


  • VictarVictar Member Full Members
    Pokemon GO if you really want to, just be sane about it! Don't give yourself unnecessary risk for traffic accidents, kidnapping, or other disasters.

    I find it ridiculous that we live in a world with Public Service Announcement TV commercials that tell people "don't text on your phone while driving". But texting while driving is a real problem that causes auto accidents and kills people.

    Pokemon GO is the logical extension of that problem. Do we need "Don't GO and Drive" PSAs on TV? It still sounds insane, but if putting up with facepalm-obvious PSAs means that fewer people die, then so be it.
  • PawsPaws Purr RPGamer Staff
    Yeah, distracted driving is not a new phenomenon -- people drive and talk/text on their phones, put on makeup, read newspapers, and now play Pokemon Go. We need "don't text and drive" PSAs, so yeah, we do need "Don't drive and Go" too.
  • MyopicMirrorMyopicMirror Full Members
    I feel like anyone oblivious enough to Pokemon GO and drive, is probably not going to pay any attention to a PSA. Then again I feel that way about most PSA's, if common sense isn't enough all the PSA's in the world won't make a difference.
  • flamethrowerflamethrower Member Full Members
    edited July 2016
    80+% of players interviewed said they played while driving (at least once).
    Easy as in "plays games on easy difficulty setting." Nothing wrong with that.
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