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Will FFXV go down as a classic?

PsychotronPsychotron MemberFull Members
Hello, I know FFXV got good reviews, but I'm trying to get a feel as to how good before I buy it and a PS4. It looks like it's not a disappointment, but for people who have played it, do you think it is in the same class as FFVI, FFVII, and (arguably) FFX? Or is it more like a great, but not really a remarkable, game.


  • MacstormMacstorm Ysy St. Administrators
    The review thread has some great discussion about this already going on. That said, it's not at the top of my favorites, but it's easily in the top half of my favorite FFs. Any changes they make down the road will likely only make that go higher.
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  • swangtalswangtal Full Members
    I think it will. I think 15 is remarkable, definitely worth the wait. I enjoyed the other games in the franchise, but nothing has struck out at me like 15 did. Well, I really liked 10 and 12 as well, but this is THE definitive FF for me.

    The combat is refreshing, the scope of the game is tremendous, the world well defined and refined. I guess you don't get the crazy level of detail elsewhere as you do in Hammerhead. But damn, but hearing the gang commented to Prompto about how the place is great for technophile just totally made the game for me. It makes the world feels much fuller.

    Too bad most of the world was so sparse with people. I guess it makes sense with the demons out and about, not to mention the uneasy peace (and all out wars), there really shouldn't be anyone outside. But it does feel scary when I walk over to farm houses and they're just empty.
    Another thing that I dislike is that the game makes me feel very claustophobic. There are so many things to do that I feel like I'll end up missing something, so I'm moving through it at a snail pace.

    Also..frikkin Couerl thing...they should just go extinct.
  • CerickCerick Full Members
    15 really isn't my style of game. It won't be a classic in my book, but I do know there is an audience that has enjoyed it. My preference is ATB or CTB battle systems. It is depressing that the only place I can find these games is on handheld systems for the most part.
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