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More Familiar Faces in Trails of Cold Steel III

severinmiraseverinmira Managing EditorRPGamer Staff
Recent updates for Trails of Cold Steel III introduced five character, two of whom will be familiar to players. As before, those yet to play the previous game should beware of potential spoilers.

[ Story ]
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  • ChickenGodChickenGod Overdosing Heavenly Bliss Moderators
    edited April 2017
    Wow, the more I see of this game the better it looks. Really excited to be able to see
    because I thought they didn't get nearly enough time to develop in spire of how intriguing the character was both from a plot and design perspective.
    looks really good in that new outfit as well. The brand new faces aren't as exciting to me yet but hopefully they end up being great anyway. Hoping
    returns as a playable character at some point too because she's pretty much my favorite in the huge diverse cast of Erebonia.
  • VeghEstherVeghEsther technically on-topic Full Members
    However CS3 may still take to 2018 or 2019 to localize but because I'll be too busy still playing my 3DS version of Dragon Quest 11 by Sept 29th despite its release date of July 29th of this year I won't have time to import CS3 at all.

    Also I'm not sure its possible to convert CS2's clear data file (via PS Now on the PS4) to CS3 at all either.

    Yes most of falcom's LoH games are mostly released towards the end of September that's why I may possibly only be able to import it early next year by the time I can not only play it but afford it as well.
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