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Review - Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom

Charalampos PapadimitriouCharalampos Papadimitriou Administrators, RPGamer Staff
edited May 2017 in Latest Updates
A game that has only existed in its creator's imagination since the early 90s, finally given life by Kickstarter crowdfunding. But how does the dream hold up in reality? Follow Chado and his friends on their journey to the Lands of Life to find out.

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  • swangtalswangtal Full Members
    The thing about input lag does scare me a bit, but otherwise it sounds intriguing. I think I'mma try it out.
  • UltraKev9UltraKev9 Demi-Plane of Semi HemispheresFull Members
    edited May 2017
    I like the story of how this game came to be but was immediately turned off by mostly normal looking people sharing a game with cartoony furry main characters. My opinion, but, personally I think you should NEVER make a furry the main character in a game with non-furries. I think these characters remind me too much of Tails from the Sonic games.
  • Charalampos PapadimitriouCharalampos Papadimitriou Administrators, RPGamer Staff
    edited May 2017
    I don't think the world is mostly regular humans though. They live kinda separately though so we do see mostly humans - the game actually never makes it to where the rest of the furries live even though we're lead to believe that we'll get there at some point.

    Also 3/5ths of the player party is furries and only 2/5ths are humans.

    Not that this in any way helps you, I know :D since it's still a pretty big mix of furries and humans.

    Also uh, furries has some very specific connotations so I think I'll stick to describing them as anthropomorphic animals :)
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