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Deep Look - Dark Rose Valkyrie

Alex FullerAlex Fuller Managing EditorRPGamer Staff
Throughout its complex history, Compile Heart titles have never really spent too long in the limelight. Dark Rose Valkyrie marked a chance to step out from the shadows but gets trapped in a tangle of thorns.

[ Deep Look ]
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  • TheAnimeManTheAnimeMan Member Full Members
    Sounds like I might enjoy this one at least (I did enjoy Omega Quintent) but as long as they stay away from SRPGs (looks at you Record of the Agarest War) I'm okayish

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  • ChickenGodChickenGod Overdosing Heavenly Bliss Moderators
    edited June 2017
    I actually just started playing it two days ago myself. I'm only about 3 hours in, because as you say, the game is a complete mess of back to back tutorials that do a terrible job of actually teaching the player how to do anything. It sort of reminds me of Resonance of Fate with how a ton of different systems are presented to the player regarding gameplay, and you're just kind of expected to figure everything out on your own. Whats more, I'm pretty sure a lot of the quirks presented are actually completely unnecessary to success just like that game was and you can get by just fine if you understand a few core concepts, which Is what I've come to enjoy recently after understanding how to string together enormous combos which is actually kind of fun, at least for now.

    Most of what you have said echos true for me, other than the breathing portraits, which I like quite a bit. The visual novel segments of the game and character design is fairly charming and the highlight of the experience for me thus far. However, as you point out, the actual gameplay is indeed where everything starts to break down. The in game models and exploration is jarring with how low quality it is compared to the character designs and drawn backgrounds. The party leader thing as a whole is probably the worst I've ever seen in a game like this. Not only is the bizarre panting extremely off-putting, but the range of characters field attacks is horrific (especially the ones with a punching animation, its WTF how did that pass testing bad) which often results in enemies getting surprise attacks on the player unless they take things slow and have good reaction times, since even sneaking from behind can result in alerting the enemy because you have to get that close to strike due to poor range. The lack of a "normal" start to battle makes this especially apparent.

    All in all its a very mixed bag for me so far. To my surprise I was actually having fun with the game up until they just told you to do a bunch of missions with absolutely no guidance or plot relevance at all, which is the kind of soulless gameplay that I very vaguely recall being one of the primary reasons for never touching these developers. I don't hate the game just yet, and I'd really like to see what the whole interrogation system is all about too.
  • SlayerSlayer Member Full Members
    edited June 2017
    Thanks for taking a deep look (on this one) so I don't have to.
    Maybe we'll get F.F.F 2 someday.
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