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RPGCast - Episode 436: "Nostalgia Goggles"

Chris PrivitereChris Privitere Man vs. Slime, the fourth type of conflictMadison, WIAdministrators
edited August 2017 in Latest Updates
RPGCast - Episode 436: "Nostalgia Goggles"

The Bard's Tale, Realms of Arkania, and Ultima Underworld all try to get a piece of the good old nostalgia today. Sadly, that's already owned by a giant hedgehog statue and random FFV bosses. Oh well, better luck next time. Now to get back to managing my cat cafe.

You can find the show notes here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hLXOun1ZxUP6E_vRgsLTdrSzy7q-h4iCHJt3EDYuKRs/edit?usp=sharing

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Question of the Week:
What game in your backlog are you most stressed about finishing?

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  • ShayminShaymin The Gratitude Pokemon Halifax, New SealandFull Members
    I'm the most stressed out about restarting, let alone finishing, Breath of the Wild. I even managed to find an inexpensive copy for the Switch to play it fully portable and due to circumstances I've had a lot of extra free time lately. I should play it to at least talk about it for site stuff, too.

    And some would call Madden a RPG, but they're also nuts.

    And Paws is the best character in Cosmic Star Heroine.
    "The flowers all over its body burst into bloom if it is lovingly hugged and senses gratitude."
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  • LordGolbezLordGolbez Member Full Members
    edited August 2017
    Good question. I'm gonna go with Trails of Cold Steel. I'm more than halfway through, but I keep putting off finishing it. Mostly because each chapter takes a significant chunk of time and I don't usually feel like stopping in the middle of one, so I'm waiting to have more time available. I'd like to get that one done soon so I can get on to the sequels.

    I'm glad VeghEsther doesn't post in these though so I don't have to hear the response about how little game the time takes when you play in easy mode and skip all the text.
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  • BudaiBudai Paladin Full Members
    Pokémon sun and moon I have sitting there waiting, and I keep thinking about it.
  • Joshua CarpenterJoshua Carpenter RPGamer Staff RPGamer Staff
    QOTW: I'm definitely in the camp that stresses about games in the backlog. If we are talking recent games, Gravity Rush 2 is sitting on my shelf in the shrink-wrap bumming me out that I haven't gotten to it. If we are talking all-time... I'm afraid of revealing it because I'll be mocked. Let's just say there is an embarrassing amount of Final Fantasy on the need to play list.
  • Winter9Winter9 NorwayFull Members
    Definitely in the stressed out camp. I have such an extremely huge backlog due to not growing up with games, loving oldschool snes era and also wanting to keep up with the new stuff. Surprise, not keeping up.. I'm playing Trails of Cold Steel now and Bravely Default. Tip to everyone, don't start playing to huge games at the same time... I like Cold Steel a lot,but it feels like I'm never getting anywhere. I have two more too. I bought the collectors edition of FFXV due to the beautiful art. It's still sitting there unplayed due to wanting to wanting to finish Setsuna first (and not doing it - I like it, but couldn't beat it). In summer my cat wants to walk outside a lot and ipod or Vita is a lot better system to game on. Winter is when I get to sit down in front of the television. Also the half dreaded, half exiting announcement of KH III finally happened and I feel in rush. I play CoM now, would like to replay KHII and also all games after that :P
  • VictarVictar Member Full Members
    The original Bard's Tale trilogy were "Tales of the Unknown: The Bard's Tale", "Bard's Tale II: The Destiny Knight", and "Bard's Tale III: Thief of Fate". Released in the late 80's, they were old school computer role-playing games with first-person perpective dungeons, turn-based combat, and pretty much required drawing your own maps on graph paper. The first Bard's Tale did have a NES port; the others were pretty much computer only. The PC versions can probably be found on GOG or Interplay collections.

    In 2004, a new "The Bard's Tale" [no subtitle] game was made, but it was an action-RPG with no connection whatsoever to the original trilogy other than the legal right to the name. This is the funny, wisecracking game that is getting a new remaster or whatever. I advise playing it on Easy, as the gameplay can get a little bit frustrating, grindy, or checkpoint-starved at times.

    A "Bard's Tale IV" Kickstarter was successful. Bard's Tale IV is supposed to be an old-school CRPG like the original trilogy. I think the game is still being worked on. The folks doing it finished a couple other Kickstarted games, so this one will probably come out too. Probably.

    What game in my backlog am I stressed about finishing? Where should I even start?

    If I must pick one, then I'll go with Xenoblade Chronicles for the New 3DS. It's the game I allegedly got my New 3DS to play. It's a huge open-world game so it could take forever to finish. And could someone tell me whether Xenoblade Chronicles X for Wii U and the forthcoming Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on the Switch are two separate sequels?

    And I'm tempted to buy a Shulk amiibo for no explicable reason. I don't play Smash Bros. and his "use" on the 3DS version is pointless. Will the Shulk amiibo unlock some super-powerful goody in Xenoblade Chronicles 2? Or will it just give more worthless coins that can be easily acquired without an amiibo?
  • MacstormMacstorm Ysy St. Administrators
    Xenoblade X is not tied to the original Xenoblade. Xenoblade 2 might be, but it could just be getting the 2 as it's the same style of game as the first instead of being like X.
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  • StrawberryEggsStrawberryEggs The Dancer Administrators
    Game I'm most stressed about finishing? Probably Xenoblade X, due to its length and the my assumption that I won't enjoy it as much as the original. Also adding to that is the likelihood I won't even begin the game, let alone finish it before Xenoblade 2 comes out.
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