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Episode 63: Crystal Q&A Chronicles - Q&A Quest

WheelsWheels RPGamer StaffRPGamer Staff
This week in Q&A Quest, we discuss which RPG series should be bundled into remastered collections. We also discuss the Secret of Mana remake.

Episode 63: Crystal Q&A Chronicles - Q&A Quest
Ask Wheels- This Week's Episode


  • StrawberryEggsStrawberryEggs Eternal Kyoshi Administrators
    Please note that these responses are for Episode 62, as I hadn't finished listening to it before this episode went up, ha ha. ^^;

    Anyway, one example I can think of for a villain that doesn't show up until the end is also from a Final Fantasy game: Raem from Crystal Chronicles. There are a handful of allusions to him, but he is never mentioned by name until the very end. I actually rather liked how the game pulled it off, but I can see why the end game reveal would annoy some people.

    That of course reminded me of why I still consider Raem to be one of my most favorite RPG villains despite how little screetime he gets. He got exactly what he wanted and kept it for untold centuries, maybe even millennia: a terrible world full of tragedies that gives him the painful memories he feeds on and the toxic miasma that gives him power. He has no reason to reveal himself because the world is already in his grasp.

    And that got me thinking of a question : Who do you believe are the most successful villains in RPGs? I would definitely rank Raem up there on that hypothetical list.

    And to comment a bit on Contact for the DS there was apparently going to be a Contact 2, but it's been many years, so I assume those plans fell through. As I recall, there wasn't even a platform announced for it at the time.

    As for my tangentially related question: What other examples of Vaporware RPGs do you know of? Which ones would you most love to see actually come out? I would still love to see "Baten Katios DS" realized, although that would have to be "Baten Kaitos 3DS" or "Baten Kaitos Swtich" at this point.

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  • BudaiBudai Paladin Full Members
    edited February 22
    How do you feel Nintendo’s views on rpgs influenced the Nintendo 64? Maybe they weren’t as popular in a pre ff7 world, but it seems the Nintendo 64 was not designed with the Japanese market in mind.
  • BudaiBudai Paladin Full Members
    Do you think people often form the idea of what a game is before it’s released, and then are disappointed when it’s not what they envisioned?

    If you could hand one rpg franchise off to another developer/studio to work on, which would you choose and why?
  • BudaiBudai Paladin Full Members
    edited February 23
    What do you think Microsoft’s position in the game world right now is? Have their goals been achieved? Realistically I wonder what their future holds with the Xbox, and at what market share they consider a valid presence.

    and a quick note, the cast of death stranding is what made me think of real life actors. And I also feel like something was up with accuracy in secret of mana.
  • BudaiBudai Paladin Full Members
    edited February 23
    David made an offhand comment in this episode that made me wonder something. He said secret of mana 2 jokingly, but if square decided to remake or just release Seiken Densetsu 3, what would they call it in the USA? They would have a few choices, with literal translation, secret of mana 2, secret of mana 3, or just going with its original name. If you had to guess, which would you think they would pick? There are a few reasons why each may cause some confusion.
  • ShayminShaymin The Gratitude Pokemon Halifax, New SealandFull Members
    Quest 64 is crap. Discuss.

    Actual question: Accepting that the comparison is roughly similar to comparing apples and a disc wallet, is the original Paper Mario or Ogre Battle 64 the best RPG for the N64?
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  • lolwhoopslolwhoops happy accident HalifaxRPGamer Staff
    why wasn't there a toys to life chess game that you can play online? doesn't that seem like a missed opportunity?

    Who is best best girl?

    Who is best best guy?

    what enemy is the most unpopular in popular games? There's got to be some real turds out there.

    best supporting character of the last 5 years? maybe a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place?

    Have you played many RPGs where the supporting characters suck so much that the big moments and cool events just feel lukewarm or wasted potential? Have you played a good game that would have been much better if the supporting characters were stronger.

    what game from last year would you recommend to the gamer who does not like RPGs usually?

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  • BudaiBudai Paladin Full Members
    lolwhoops wrote: »
    what enemy is the most unpopular in popular games? There's got to be some real turds out there.

    For me, probably any regular monster that poisons, and he’s usually in the lame sewer level.
  • BudaiBudai Paladin Full Members
    edited February 27
    Which final fantasy games have you not beaten? Not counting 11 and 14, 2 is the only one waiting for me to finish. I vow to get to that someday, now I just need to look at the many versions and decide one. I know I own the ps1, gba, and iPhone versions, but I suspect I’ll attempt some way to try the psp version which I don’t own! Or maybe even original nes which I find is the best version of 3.
  • MacstormMacstorm Ysy St. Administrators
    The PSP and GBA versions are about the same, so I would recommend either of those. The PSP one looks beautiful is the biggest plus for it.
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  • BudaiBudai Paladin Full Members
    Macstorm wrote: »
    The PSP and GBA versions are about the same, so I would recommend either of those. The PSP one looks beautiful is the biggest plus for it.

    Really wish they would throw it up on the switch.
  • smacdsmacd Full Members
    edited March 16
  • MacstormMacstorm Ysy St. Administrators
    FFII on GBA and PSP are basically the same version and are the fantastic, solid versions.
    "The universe is already mad. Anything else would be redundant."
    Twitter @FinalMacstorm
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