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Round 2, Match 22: Grandia II - Winner (3) vs. Chrono Trigger (2)



  • PawsPaws Purr RPGamer Staff
    edited June 2014
    Kinda makes me sad; I'm not a huge fan of CT, but I can definitely see where the battle system gets much praise. You've got until June 20th to wrap up your thoughts; please keep it on topic, thanks.
  • watcherwatcher Veteran RPGamer Full Members
    edited June 2014
    Alright CT fans, it's time to go back in time and replace Mac with a clone that will do the right thing.
  • Phillip WillisPhillip Willis Certified Polygameist RPGamer Staff
    edited June 2014
    Gandia's battle system is just that good. Grandia III is even better...but it's also wrapped in a really boring, flat story. I think if a Grandia game had the writing and strong characters of something like Chrono Trigger, you would have an RPG of the year, if not decade.
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  • WheelsWheels RPGamer Staff RPGamer Staff
    edited June 2014
    Chrono Trigger is one of my favorite games of all time but Grandia's combat is just THAT GOOD.
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  • KeldarusKeldarus RPGamer Staff RPGamer Staff
    edited June 2014
    As much as I love CT combat, I'm OK with Grandia winning this one.

  • PawsPaws Purr RPGamer Staff
    edited June 2014
    All done! Off to the next debate~
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