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Official Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories screens

RicoRico MemberFull Members
edited October 2003 in Latest Updates
So pretty you shouldn't miss those magazine scans.


  • knightofhyruleknightofhyrule Member Full Members
    edited October 2003
    These are looking great. But I thought this was going to be a sequal? I have been out of the picture for a while, but these screens are areas and enemies from KH. Is it just a portable version of that game?
  • Time/Space MageTime/Space Mage Member Full Members
    edited October 2003
    Interesting, so I'll finally get to play a KH game.
  • Yamiji KyotoYamiji Kyoto Member Full Members
    edited October 2003
    It does seem like a port as well. But that's funny, it's backwards. (Usually from an old 2D system [NES/SNES] to a new 3D one [PS2/GCN]. But this is from PS2 to GBA.)
  • DClickDClick New Member Full Members
    edited October 2003
    Wherever they are in the screenshots with the Unknown in it isn't from Deep Dive (or what-was-the-secret-ending-here-in-the-US-called?)...
    I don't *think* it's a port. But of all the worlds they could reuse, why Wonderland? -_- (can't say I enjoyed that level much in KH1. tounge.gif)

    As for levels I hope come back for an encore:
    'Nuff said. lol Hollow Bastion was my favorite level, of course I want to play it again XD

    Speaking of KH1 worlds, I didn't really like some of the Disney worlds they picked... don't get me wrong, I love the game, just didn't like some of the levels. (I just didn't enjoy Wonderland, Agrabah was too long and tedious, Atlantica was just plain annoying, and Monstro grossed me out. Oh yeah, and the Hundred Acre Wood was kinda kiddy. tounge.gif) Deep Jungle and Olympus Coliseum rocked, though. (Well, Deep Jungle was kinda long too. But I liked it *much* more than Agrabah.)

  • ClorithClorith Member Full Members
    edited October 2003
    Ooh reason enough for me to buy a GA!! Cloud... *droolz* tounge.gif
  • RumikoholicRumikoholic Member Full Members
    edited October 2003
    It has some scenes I'ven ever seen before... So, I doubt it's a port. Unless it's being released over here with the extra ending stuff from Japan.

    Still, playable Cloud is very awesome!! laugh.gif
  • ClorithClorith Member Full Members
    edited October 2003
    Yeah a playable Cloud would totally rock!!
  • SharonToggleSharonToggle New Member Full Members
    edited October 2003
    wahahaha, yay, Cloud! I wonder if we get to play some of our other favorite Final Fantasy buddies... Squall, maybe? ^^;; who knows? I dunno if this'll be a port, or not (the caped unknown thing is certainly new) In one of the scenes in Wonderland, Sora'a looking all depressed and saying that Riku and Kairi aren't there. So maybe this'll be the game all over again and then some extra epilouge stuff? I've heard KH2 is supposed to be two years after the first game, maybe this is what happens in between?
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