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  • Glowing Hyren
    I noticed your avatar looks like something from Magi Nation Duel. If that doesn't sound familiar then where did you get your avatar? and if it does then it's nice to meet another fan.
    January 2013
    Haha, overnight Devil Survivor went from 20 to 30 on Amazon, so I am not sure if I'd get it at that price. Layton was just because I was in the mood for puzzles after playing 999 and I've heard good things about it.

    I hated how grindy Disgaea was even though I went into each game knowing it would be a grind. I guess I am a glutton for punishment. As for Jeanne d'Arc, I hated how slow the battles were. The animations took forever and there was no fast forward, something I liked about Disgaea.

    Yeah, it takes me at least one game I super want to play no matter what + 10 others that interest me to get a system now. If I didn't play Tales of the Abyss on PS2, maybe that would be my need to have game, but nope. With that, I think I'll never get a 3ds, heh.
    August 2011
    I wanted Devil Survivor because I love SMT and one of my favorite games as a kid was Final Fantasy Tactics. It is just that as an adult I have a bad track record with SRPGs, so I've been avoiding them. I barely beat the first Disgaea and didn't do bonus things and never got far in Disgaea 2 or 3, or Jeanne d'Arc.

    I rarely replay my games, so the main flaw people say of Phoenix Wright doesn't apply to me, but the only thing that puts me off is the fact that the Wiiware versions of the 3 games are each $10 and the DS carts are way more.

    I'll definitely get Devil Survivor though based on what you said though I've seen many reviews on the game. I'm selling my anime since I don't really like anime anymore, so I may as well take a chance. Thanks. I'll pick it up with Layton series.
    August 2011
    My senior year sucks which is why I was studying, haha..

    I like how strict they are here. RPGfan, given the name, makes me feel they'd give just about anything an 80+. I didn't find their reviews all that helpful because of it.

    Do you have a DS? Have anything to recommend? I know the 3ds was getting a price drop, but I picked up a DSi XL after that was announced just to play 999 [an I had saved DS games from when I owned a Lite]. I did that because I can't really support the 3DS yet seeing as how I'd just be playing DS games on it and my friend hates the battery life. Only RPGs I have are Rune Factory 3, SMT: Strange Journey, and Radiant Historia. Though this site is for rpgs, I am trying to branch out as well, so you can throw whatever out there if you know games for the DS. And oh, I beat TWEWY twice, so I won't rebuy it. One of the games I didn't hold on to despite liking it years ago.
    August 2011
    I was studying for next semester, something I've never done my whole life. Figured since I will be a senior in college I may as well get ahead in my classes. After two months of that [and selling my distractions] I decided to game again ~.~.... 999 was so amazing after two months of being serious.

    Story wise, I love AT2 as well. I hated Luca though, I didn't buy her hymmnos concert disc, but I imported the other. I just hated how buggy it was and so I say I only like that game.

    Wow, you've been a member here for a long time. Since my school takes up so much of my time I always just lurked the reviews and forums of here and rpgfan. Sometimes do you think this place is very conservative in their reviews? They seem that was compared to rpgfan anyways.
    August 2011

    Though we seem to like the same visual novels, I am actually going through a bit of a rough patch gaming wise. I sold my PS3 and both my PSPs this week and so I only have a Wii, Laptop, DSi XL, and iOS devices left. So I thank you for adding me, but I may be extremely boring as I lack the supposed best console, haha.

    Hi hi, how are you?
    August 2011