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Hyrist · formally jiroo chan 007


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September 1, 1983


  • maryadavies
    That's why I'm hoping once I can get the rebuild money & a steady income, that mess will be over..I expect by that time i won't have the time I do now to play FFXI. So FFXIV might fit the bill if I want to still play a MMO. And be decent by then, if they haven't killed it while it was a baby...Otherwise I might look elsewhere for a MMO fix.

    And already decided; I'm never sharing a account again..too much of a hassle, so I'm willing to wait. It could take me 1-3 years to get the money so not TOO worried.
    October 2010
  • maryadavies
    As for me, I am NOT sure I want to play FFXIV. Having to pay $1k for a computer rebuild sours it for me considerably (tho I'm thinking of scraping together the monies to rebuild in the not too distant future since my computer is pretty crashprone). Not to mention the bad reviews/how buggy it is right now.

    By the time I can afford to play it and have a beefy enough PC to play it on, I hope most of the bugs will have worked themselves out. IF the game even survives. Meantime, enjoying FFXI and working to get my jobs geared; I might consider retiring after I get through Wings of the Goddess, but we'll see. Working on that.. And if you want to hear the news on the old gang, pm me. There's some dirty laundry I'd rather not discuss in public.
    October 2010
  • maryadavies
    Yeah it has. I'm still playing FFXI btw, on Quetz now thanks to server merges. 85 whm, 85 smn, 85 blm ^^
    October 2010