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October 1, 1988


  • ChickenGod
    Wow a price increase for Devil Survivor? Thats strange. Well, it'll probably go down again once the 3DS version is releases which is pretty soon I think. I know what you mean though, the 3DS has nothing I want on it. Just a bunch of ports and remakes of games I already own, why pay again for them? With your 10 game policy, I've just barely justified my purchase of the Wii thus far, heh. I'll be very hesitant on getting the WiiU just like the 3DS if theres no RPGs for it.

    I was okay with Jeanne honestly, but the game slowly takes away like 5 of your characters. All the rest of my team was so poorly leveled that the Archers in the next stage 1 shotted every single one of my team members, and there was no way I was going to try and come back from a 7+ level deficit. You're probably lucky you dropped out when you did. Ooh, and I'm gonna take a wild shot in the dark and guess at the game you found! Summon Night for the DS maybe? :p
    August 2011
  • ChickenGod
    Omg lol, you mention your track record with Disgaea and Jeanne D'arc! Its the exact same with me, I had trouble with the grindy nature of Disgaea, and couldn't even finish Jeanne because the game stole half my team and left me with severely underleveled people! You shouldn't have to worry with Devil Suvivor though, basically its an SRPG where you move around on a grid, but fight in turn-based combat once you meet the enemy instead of a normal slash or whatever. I hope you like whatever you pick up. Maybe you'll end up enjoying the Layton more than I did. Only played one game in the series, and my head hurt from all those puzzles! :p

    Its too bad theres not much left on the horizon for the DS, and that the 3DS has so few attractive games. You probably made the best decision there.
    August 2011
  • ChickenGod
    I'm sorry about your current school year, it seems like just about everyone experiences a couple of those tough semesters :(

    Yep, I sure do. Recommendations, hmm. I'm probably the biggest lover of Devil Survivor on this site, and I think you'll enjoy it. Like 999, it has a serious storyline with lots of tension and impendening danger throughout. If you like SMT and a unique mixture of SRPG and turn-based battles, its deffinately worth looking into. Also, the Ace Attorney games are other good visual novel style games for the DS. They can be silly at times, but the investigations and presenting evidence are much more engaging than a typical choice mechanic. The last couple of cases in each game can be really dramatic too. Strange Journey and Radiant Historia are both good fun, you could probably sink in alot of hours between the two as SJ in particular is a pretty long game. On the bright side, at least you still have a system with a healthy library of games to fall back on!
    August 2011
  • ChickenGod
    Haha, I too avoided studying like the plague. Just recently graduated myself, and strangely enough my senior semesters were the easiest of the bunch. Can't imagine how tough it must have been to get rid of one of your past-times like that for 2 months, voluntarily no less :P. Good luck finishing up! 999 is certainly the hidden gem of last year.

    Like you I also lurked here for awhile before signing up. The site certainly can be conservative in their reviews, but thats sort of why I like them. Theres almost never a review here that bashes a game I really like. When I lurk RPGfan, sometimes I get the feeling that the only people who even like RPGs are the reviewers over there, as nearly every other topic concerns the death of the genre and how bad it is lately. That place is full of haters, which might be why I only read the forums occasionally.

    If there's anything you're interested in about I'd be glad to talk about it :)
    August 2011
  • ChickenGod
    Hey there!

    We do seem to like/dislike alot of the same stuff, I feel the same way about Ar Tonelico 3 as you do too. Absolutely loved AT2, so it was really disappointing, and I didn't even have the freezing you did :(. I'm also going through a patch of boredom, so thats something we share as well. All I've been able to get into this summer were a few visual novels, there's like nothing else out there appealing right now.

    I'm doing pretty decent though even if this has been a comparatively lame summer, how about yourself?
    August 2011