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Ruddem Brenin · Member


Ruddem Brenin
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July 17, 1980


  • Berserk_Alucard
    Hey there, thanks for the message man! Sorry I'm really late in getting back to you lol-I go through massively long periods of time where I forget to check on forums at all. Which really sucks cos this is a good community, and one of my favourite forums.
    Atlus have some really good games, definitely =D Jack Frost is one of my favourite characters, I always enjoy getting him and the rest of the Jack demons through fusion in games. I'm playing Persona 3 FES at the moment, but finding it difficult to progress at the early part of the game. Did you play Persona 3 at all?
    August 2012
  • Typho
    Yeah I love Yoshitaka Amano. Love that style, I used to try to emulate it when drawing as a kid. That is probably a big part of what drew me into the world as well. I remember being really absorbed in the artwork of the manuals and magazines such as Nintendo Power. I think it gave a more detailed view of the game worlds, since those games were so limited in their graphics. That said, I still love the graphics style of most of those old Squaresoft games on SNES.

    I have never heard of Kartia. Just did a quick search for it and I see that it was released on JPN PSN. Maybe one day it will be released on PSN stateside and I will give it a try.
    May 2012
  • Typho
    I tried to play FF1 after the fact, but I could never get into it. Some of the interface stuff just got to me after awhile. (Like not being able to buy more than 1 potion at a time. Not wanting to use magic because of how quick it runs out, etc.) I should probably try the new and improved versions which supposedly fix some of those problems. At the same time it feels like cheating since I never finished the original. Oh well.

    As for FF6, definitely Zozo boss was pretty tough. I remember the Floating Continent being pretty hard for me the first time. And after that, the World of Ruin Phunbaba fight can be pretty tough. Course now it all seems so easy.
    May 2012
  • Typho
    Thanks. Same here: favorite character, favorite game. Nostalgia probably has something to do with that, since it was the first RPG I ever played. Whenever I replay FF6 I always make Locke the "ultimate" badass, give him all the best gear, etc. Good times.
    May 2012