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July 14, 1983


  • DarkRPGMaster
    Happy Birthday Typho!
    July 2012
  • Ruddem Brenin
    Yeah, there is a whole wikia for Yoshitaka Amano; his main style is pretty involved. He pretty much does a silk-screen press type system, but using copper plates and wax to get different layers printed onto the vellum. I forget all of the details and the prior sentence probably has errors in it, but I've only seen a handful of Artists use similar styles on the Art Auction channels. Visual Art was about the first thing I remember being good at (other than reading); my family always supported, encouraged, and supplied me with the tools needed for the craft. I also follow Linsner, DiTerlizzi, Alberto Vargas, Stephen Gammel.
    And Nobuo Uematsu brings me to tears sometimes with his music; especially the music I heard in my early days of videogaming. His story is incredible as well.
    Yeah, if you find Kartia there is actually a bad guy in that which I was kind of rooting for and I used his name as a tag in some things (I still use it in Islands of Myth MUD) which is "Cross".
    May 2012
  • Ruddem Brenin
    Part IV> (Man, I hate word limits.) My favorite console game though is Kartia (I believe it is called "World of Fate" in the UK), that is an Atlus turn-based strategy with a killer story and I use multiple forms of "Shrine Warrior" and "Toxa Classico" as handles here and there; Yoshitaka Amano does the illustrations for that game - that helped sweeten up the game for me. Hard to find (it is for the PS1), so if you find a copy it would be a favor to yourself to buy it; I'm still searching for a copy with instructions (though I'd settle for one without, just to be able to play it again.)

    Rock On!
    May 2012
  • Ruddem Brenin
    Part III>
    I was a little scared hearing that there were only three copies for the whole store, but at least I did get one. I love reading the instructions and how Yoshitaka Amano's artwork adorned the pages of that instruction book drew me way into the world before I even put the cartridge into my SNES. The original box came with a poster, but it was just the purple-gradient background with the "Final Fantasy III" logo and Mog standing by the logo (I forget if that is the same as the US Box, it may be.)

    I played soooo much one weekend that the game actually froze and went all pixelated going up either The Fanatics' Tower or one of the other big towers. It was due to being over-heated, it worked fine the next day, but had to cool-off over night.

    And yes, I tried to bring General Leo back to life. ;)
    May 2012
  • Ruddem Brenin
    Part II> Yeah, Phunbaba was pretty crazy; definitely needed to prep, prep, and prep again to take him on. For me it is wonderful because it is the last of the Yoshitaka Amano designed characters FF; not that it is good that he went to a secondary type design process; he is probably my Top Artist, I think FF VI had some of his greatest work. I remember running to the Electronics Department in a Wal-Mart about 45 minutes away from here to get my copy. I remember the Sales Associate had a lighter blonde mullet and a scruff of a beard. I said, "Final Fantasy 3 is supposed to be released; I came for that." The Associate replied, "They just came in; I have three copies."
    May 2012
  • Ruddem Brenin
    Yeah, the PSX versions and the DS (or is it GBA?) versions are good to play. The PSX versions do have options to play it just like the original (just with the updated audio/video scheme), some things just make it easier to navigate and don't change the difficulty (like having a button so you can run while in towns/dungeons) there are other fixes though that do make the game easier (but is still worthy of being called "beat" when finished), such as turning on an option so damage sent to one enemy automatically goes to the next one if a target dies; that one led to many, many deaths in the OG version. Heh.
    May 2012
  • Ruddem Brenin
    That rocks, man. For a 1st RPG that definitely is a good one. Of course I come from the days of Dragon Warrior 1 and Final Fantasy 1; Final Fantasy is my favorite NES game, but having later played Final Fantasy II (first in emulator, then on the PS1 Origins Release) I decided that would have been my favorite NES game had it had an American NES release.

    Still working through III, it is pretty sweet so far - the DS version.

    I love it at the point of FF VI when you get to the town and need to "borrow" some clothes from the Soldiers and Merchants. ;)

    The first time I played VI I actually didn't die until I was about 28 hours in. I think I either died around Shadow's area (My old Final Fantasy XI name was "Clyde" I think you get that reference.) or during the Boss Fight in Zozo.
    May 2012
  • Ruddem Brenin
    Oh, I don't know if it says who I am here; this is Ruddem Brenin. I just wanted to give you props on your avatar; Locke is my favorite character from my favorite FF (Cyan is a close 2nd though).
    May 2012