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chiapet · Member


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March 5, 1976


  • TG Barighm
    Yeah, as crazy as it sounds, I find those die generators often roll low. I think I tested it once and found the average to be way below where it should be.

    It may help to throw weaker enemies at the party, like with no Traits or poor gear, sort of like how Kobolds with their crappy stats tend to be used for early encounters in D&D. I know the extra Elven Traits and the magical items you gave us seem empowering, but Traits are more powerful in the long run. A fully geared opponent with the appropriate battle traits, even just 3, would be considered an "even leveled" challenge for the current group.

    It would also help if the players actually used the abilities they're good at. But I see where you're coming from. Chances for low level D&D characters is more like 50/50, so it's easier to succeed at things even if you're not good at it, although that quickly changes as levels accrue. The 33 rules generally expect low level characters to team up and use their abilities to aid eachother.
    August 2010
  • chiapet
    There are times when I feel the rules are a little less forgiving because the is not a wide range of "successful" values. Of course, that might be from using a dice generator to generate a d3 instead of just rolling a d6. I've not really tested it extensively to see.
    August 2010
  • TG Barighm
    So what is would you say is holding the rules back from being your #1 choice? Looking for criticism here.
    August 2010
  • chiapet
    Seems to be going okay. Although I think I still prefer the d20'esque rules for most things, there are definite benefits to the 33 rules.
    August 2010
  • TG Barighm
    So now that you have some time with the 33 rules under your belt, how is it going? Any thoughts? Concerns? Any innovations you've come up with?
    August 2010