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JuMeSyn · Code: Kirin


Last Active
December 27, 1981


  • Let's head back to the 90s for a bit with some widely disparate movies united only by being from that decade. The Last Boy Scout (1991) is something that inspired a variety of reactions within me. I'm going to chalk most of that up to Shane Black'…
  • How about some results? Yes, let's have those. PS4 689 46.65% Switch 430 29.11% PC 250 16.93% 3DS 67 4.54% Vita 33 2.23% Xbox One 5 0.34% Mobile 3 0.20% Total Votes 1477
  • The third path is not DLC, it's in this version regardless.
  • Oh yeah, I'm actually playing Neutopia. It does indeed wear its influence (some game Shigeru Miyamoto worked on that stars a green elf wandering around getting pieces of a Triforce) on its sleeve, but it's not a complete copy. The sheer number of …
  • Could my reviews of the two on 3DS last summer have influenced this decision? Was this We may never know.
  • Now I've been on a recent rush of recent Woody Allen movies. Also a few earlier ones, but I feel like going into his more recent, checkered (to put it mildly) entries. Melinda and Melinda (2004) is a great idea for a movie. Let's depict the basic…
  • Not as many as we should. Speaking of that, let's get some results. 1 762 47.68% 2-3 753 47.12% 4-5 50 3.13% 8 or more 25 1.56% 6-7 8 0.50% Total Votes 1598
  • I didn't like the "Lunar - The Silver Star" remakes for the Playstation, PSP, Vita, and Game Boy Advance as enemies got stronger as you level up and there were no random battles on the world map. There was a Vita-exclusive remake of Lunar? Th…
  • I suppose after watching the 1989 Batman last year, I decided to revive my departed memories of its sequels. Not Batman & Robin, because I already know what a piece of junk that is. Instead.... Batman Returns (1992) is pretty much as weird an…
  • I kind of need to hit the Star Tropics soon, but for now I seem to be playing Tales of Hearts R. Some of the time (much of the time, actually) I wish the characters would shut up and stop reinforcing that they have a couple of traits that MUST BE S…