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JuMeSyn · Code: Kirin


Last Active
December 27, 1981


  • Meanwhile, we additionally have a new Etrian Mystery Dungeon. I can easily restrain myself from seeking it out, but it shows the 3DS is doing just fine for new software at the moment.
  • The Battle of Stalingrad (1949-50) is one of the few Soviet movies I've seen. The experience was certainly interesting, but did not create a sudden desire for me to rush out and see more, particularly not from this era. You want select clips? T…
  • I could contribute that simply playing the game requires little knowledge of Japanese - I did it 16 years ago on a North American SNES. Or I could attempt to steer discussion here back toward the appearance of this (so far Japan-only) compilation f…
  • Alright then, I powered through almost all of Roger Moore's Bond output. Let's see here... Live and Let Die (1973) is not a very good Bond movie. It feels dated in many respects due to the filming on US locations of the time, with actors wearing …
  • Time for some results, it would seem. Moderate 828 56.67% Hard 383 26.21% Easy 109 7.46% Very Hard 93 6.37% Very easy 48 3.29% Total Votes 1461
  • I had my fill of Sword City the first time, thank you very much. Someone new to it would have a much better time.
  • Doomsday (2008) I saw because it's from a director whose previous work I found effective and interesting. Dog Soldiers and The Descent aren't necessarily great horror movies, but both did something interesting and had me caring about what was happe…
  • I see it from numerous people, that The Ring is somehow even considered Gore Verbinski's best movie (and considering he's mostly known for a bunch of Pirates of the Caribbean stuff, that's fair). I wasn't frightened and it made little impression on…
  • Timothy Dalton's tenure as James Bond only lasted two movies, followed by the longest break between installments in the series before Pierce Brosnan took over. I'd never seen Dalton's entries though, and decided to give them a shot. The Living Day…
  • The cursed thing is surprisingly addictive. Though anyone who's not interested in Dragon Ball will probably be bored super fast.
  • I don't see enough adjustments and tweaks to make me want to spend another 100 hours suffering pain. This definitely sounds like the better version for anyone who needs to experience Stranger though.
  • Hidden Figures (2016) has picked up a lot of acclaim. I know several people who unreservedly adore it. I liked it for the most part, to be sure. This is a story that hasn't been given much attention and is interesting to see. Script-wise it's no…
  • Time for results! 40 to 80 hours 876 42.63% 20 to 40 hours 608 29.59% More than 80 hours 493 23.99% 10 to 20 hours 59 2.87% Under 5 hours 11 0.54% 5 to 10 hours 8 0.39% Total Votes 2055
  • Godzilla's Revenge (1969), also known as All Monsters Attack, occupies a special place in the Godzilla library for me. It's the movie people would call to tell me was on TV when I was a child, knowing that I couldn't get enough of the guy - and tha…