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Ombres · Games horder


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October 8, 1974
Games horder


  • Graveyard Keeper (PC) Even if Stardew Valley was better, I did still have a lot of fun with this one, almost 46 hours to finish it.
  • Golf Story (Switch)
  • Mario+Rabbids - Kingdom Battle (switch)
  • Miitopia (3DS) I don't know why, but I did have fun with this game, even if there should be a lot of little thing that bother me, like you can only control your main character, you have to start over 2 times, and when you finally get your party t…
  • I did a bit more exploration and finish my first third chapter. So far I really enjoy the story of each character. I like that you can do as you wish, if you want to concentrate on only on character, you can, but there will be a lot of grinding,…
  • So I manage to finish all the second chapter, this is still a lot of fun! Did start to explore around a bit, did find some caves and some news side quest along the way. Some of the random encounter are really hard, I meet a bear once that beat the…
  • Soon I will be done with all of the second chapter and I will go around and look at the new place I can explore. I manage to get all 8 of the job, maybe there more I can't say, but it look like there a hole where you pick your job.
  • Mega Man 2(via Mega Man Anniversary Collection) (Game Cube)
  • I did go on an exploration time, I explored every other dungeon around the world that was up to my level and did a second chapter 2. I did find more job, I still miss some, but it is no big deal, I will find them eventually, the compass in the co…
  • I manage to do the 2nd chapter of Therion (it was very hard, but fair), and I did find my first secondary job, this was the last option in my menu that was lock. This is well done, you can equip and remove any secondary job that you have, but only …
  • So, the first chapter of the entire cast of characters is done, my clock is around 15 hour. It did get a lot easier with the last four one, I did continue to level up with my main character since I can’t remove from party, to level 20, and the reco…
  • Well so far, I find it interesting how they manage the way you do every starting story. It seems like that the first character that you pick, is your main character and you can’t remove him/her from your party. Once your done with is starting …
  • I been wondering why I was so eager to start that game, I guess it did reming me of some good old game, like SaGa Frontier with is eight character, ok on this one there no monster or robot you can play, but it is fun to see and follow the story of a…
  • Picross - The Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess (3DS) fun puzzle game.
  • I am Setsuna (Switch)
  • Final Fantasy (Nes) Done it with a red mage, a white mage and 2 black mages, that was a lot harder than I remember!
  • Wonder Boy - The dragon's trap (switch) a nice reskin of an old good game!
  • Xenoraid (switch) that was a fun little space shooter :)
  • I really loved Warsong back then, even with the bad review, I did have to buy the new Langrisser on the 3ds, so they know we want more of that series! I really need to try the other one too, as they seem really good!
  • Super Mario Odyssey (switch) great super Mario game, still have a lot of moon to find!
  • LOL of course, look are very important!
  • I need to go back and play more of the MH4U! advance more of my HR, and it nice to see, we got different main weapon, for my part, can't stay away for long from my mace! I do love the dual blade, the great sword and the long sword. But I am not a…
  • I did finish brandish on snes, never did have a problem with the view. I agree too, about "a link between world", this was the best zelda I did play since "a Link to the past"
  • Gemini Strike(iOS) a nice shooter, that have a nice twist on explaining why you have multiple life.
  • The Legend of Zelda - Breath of the Wild (Switch) Wow this game was amazing, I beat it but still a lot to find out before completing it. I will play a lot more before putting it down, might buy the dlc too.
  • That funny, you talk about it always seem to take longer than everyone else to finish a game, I feel exactly the same, I look it up and check the time to beat a game, I tell myself nice I will be able to beat it in no time, when I get to that averag…
  • JCServant wrote: » But like usual, I will follow you in your great adventure. Sweet! Do you have a preference between following me through Dragon Quest VII or Romancing Saga 2 first? I don't mind, both are really interesting, whate…
  • I can see that you will have a lot of fun, really looking forward to play Romancing Saga 2 too. But lot of backlog to get into, I am working right now on Zelda Breath of the wild, more than 50 hour in and a lot more to do still! After that I want …
  • Diablo III - Reaper of Souls(PC) That was easy to finish, done it fast to start to do aventure with some friends!
  • Rune Factory 3(DS) well I think it will be my last game that I finish this year! Clix wrote: » Lassic wrote: » Phantasy Star (Sega Master System) I'm surprised that you keep dusting off the old SMS. Honestly, I don't think that I'…